Time with the O~

It's somehow refreshing to be back here in theO. I know. I know. I've been constantly away and then I'll be back ranting about this and that XD

But, when I somehow had time to be here in theO, I saw that I got promoted. The promotion really surprised me. I mean, why did I get promoted when I seldom visit the O ? xD I'm really happy that I got promoted :> I feel like, even though I seldom visit theO and my friends here (that I really really really miss), theO still haven't forgotten that tafu-chan exists. I really love this site! ♥

Now, I've looked back on to my first messages here in the O. Reading these "Congratulations your submission was approved" really made my heart flutter. I don't know why but I'm really hoping that I could be more active here in the O. I really miss my friends, those challenges, visiting worlds, looking at other people's fanarts, and just roaming around theO. I missed those times when I hurriedly ran to my computer then opened my account because I might miss the submission for a challenge. Those times that I got surprised after posting something and seeing that a lot of people cares. Those times that I'll suddenly smile because I found someone who has the same interests as I do. Those fanarts that I tried so hard making. And those long messages and comments that I send to my friends and they reply with even longer ones XD I really miss those~

To all my friends and anyone that I've talked to somehow, I hope you haven't forgotten me. Because I swear that I still haven't forgotten you even though I'm busy as hell. I just want you guys to know that I'm really happy whenever I read your messages and comments. We're from different countries yet we were connected by anime. I think I'll never lose my interest in anime. Anime changed my life ♥ I've been able to cope up with stress because of anime. I've been able to meet you guys because of anime. Thanks for those who've read my post which are 70% non-sense XD Thanks for teaching me a lot of this even though I haven't improved much in my digital and traditional arts. Thanks for those advice. It's really fun and a wonderful experience to have you guys as my friend. Even though you haven't seen me/ don't know me personally, that doesn't matter because you guys are better than some of my friends here.

I'll never get tired of reading your comments & messages, in answering your questions, in looking at you arts and posts and in being your friend. I'm really glad that I found this site~

Thank you for giving me your precious time by reading this post. This drama (a bit) and reflection xD I really appreciate everything you guys do.
Thank you so much >^v^<