Christmas Break please come!

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I think I'mm gonna cry.
I've been away from theO for so long and now that I'm back here, I felt at peace again. I always feel refreshed when I'm in the O ♥

Okay, so obviously, Its been since forever that I made some progress here on the O. I haven't even posted new fan arts, wallies and e card since MARCH.

M-A-R-C-H. That's why I really missed here. I want Christmas break to come~ So that I have more free time and that I could stop thinking about this studid school projects that my really-super-responsible-and-nice groupmates have me do. -_-
Man, they should stop making the leader do all their work. I'll give them their part of the work and they'll say "I don't know how to do this!" & "This is so hard" & "Why is this so long?!" so in the end, I'm the one who finishes all the work -__- Are they even thinking?! How come I alone can do those works and they can't?! I mean, we're all senior students. What are they, some kind of retards or elementary students?!
And man, teachers should stop appointing students like me as leaders. I mean, not because we're included in the top 10 doesn't mean we could do the work of 10 people! We're also normal human beings. And because of them, my time for manga, anime and the O is limited T_T
If only time could be donated. I would ask each one of you to donate one minute of your spare time to me haha I'm really poor x) I need & want more time fore these kind of activities :3

So, everytime I visit the O, I always post something to notify my Friends and bestfriends here that I still haven't forgotten you and I hope they're still the same :3 Jut wanna let you guys know that I MISS YOU~~ :<