OC profile ;; Krisis

Name ;; Krisis [doesn’t know her last name]

Age ;; 19

Gender ;; Female

Race ;; Fallen Angel

Sexuality ;; Pansexual

Hair Color ;; Pitch Black with red extensions

Eye Color ;; Black with some flakes of blue

Personality ;; She’s friendly although she can get mad easily. She’s a bit spazzy and clumsy sometimes. She’s random and easily distracted. She does have “a dark side” which can come out when she’s angry or fighting something.

Hobbies ;; Organizing, Drawing, Relaxing, Cleanliness

Likes ;; Dinosaurs, see hobbies

Dislikes ;; Mean people, Dirty-ness

Powers/Abilities ;; Can Fly, Some Dark Magic, can control blood

Height ;; 5 foot 5 inches

Weight ;; 110 pounds

Disorders ;; ADD

Looks ;; Her hair is about to her shoulders, the extensions go past her boobs, bangs cover one eye. Her skin is somewhat pale. She’s skinny. Has black angel wings that she can hide and show at will. Long sharp fingernails that she paints black. Wears dark eye makeup. Has her tongue pierced and several ear piercings and her right eyebrow pierced. Has a scratch scar going over her right eye.

Type Of Clothing ;; Wears black skinny jeans and black strappy platform boots with white straps, long sleeved turtleneck black and white striped shirt with a gray tank top over it that says Rawr. Wears white fingerless gloves that go her elbow.

Past/History ;; She doesn’t remember much of her past because she got hit in the head during the war, all that she remembers is living on the streets for a few years before the war. And that she is a fallen angel.

Picture: [If you have one, or will have one.] ;; will have one soon

OC for Disenchanted