OC profile ;; Axis Manic

Name ;; Axis Manic
Gender ;; Male
Age ;; 19
Height ;; 5 foot 12 inches
Weight ;; 120 pounds
Hair color ;; White with red bangs
Eye color ;; Dark Blue
Vein code ;; Neon Red
Skin tone ;; Light gray
Personality ;; He has a bit of a dark personality, but otherwise he’s friendly and likes to tease people [mostly Ex] He has a good sense of humor and likes to make jokes. He can be violent when he gets angry and him and Ex have been known to get into fist fights. But he also likes to get intimate with her.
Likes ;; Jokes, Picking on Ex, Smoking & Drinking, Music
Dislikes ;; People with no sense of humor, The sun
Hobby's ;; Playing the guitar, see Likes
Power's [If you really want some] ;; can create objects with his blood [his hands have bandages on them and he always carries a knife to cut his hands]
Past/History ;; He grew up normal, with a normal family until he was kidnapped when he was a young teenager and sold to the scientists to become an experiment. He made friends with Ecstasy while they were experiments and had decided to go with her to move in with other experiments.
Clothing ;; Black long sleeved button up shirt with red buttons that he usually has unbuttoned and open. White skinny jeans and black boots with red buckles that go up to about mid calf. Wears pieces of various colored strings tied around his neck and has Dark blue fingerless fishnet gloves that end at his elbow. Owns a black electric guitar.
Looks ;; Skinny but has toned abs and chest [that he shows off with his unbuttoned shirt] His hair is messy and is long on one side to about a little past his shoulder and shorter on the other side to about the middle of his neck. Part of his bangs are spiked up as well. Has a black hoop nose piercing, has two hoop piercings on the right side of his lip, also has one inch gauges on both ears. Has a tattoo of a star by the corner of his left eye.
Picture [If you can put it on here, that would be awesome] ;; Soon
Reason for wanting to be here ;; To go with Ex and meet other experiments. And also nowhere else to really go too.

Second OC for Intoxicating Whispers