OC profile ;; Ecstasy Savage

Name ;; Ecstasy Savage [ Likes to be called Ex ]
Gender ;; Female
Age ;; 18
Height ;; 5 foot 5 inches
Weight ;; 110 pounds
Hair color ;; Light Blue with Black extensions
Eye color ;; Neon Pink
Vein code ;; Neon Green
Skin tone ;; Porcelain Pale Almost White
Personality ;; She mostly keeps to herself at the beginning. She is Bi-Polar and has a short temper. But, she actually likes having company and is mostly friendly. She’s good at hiding her emotions when she wants to and has a good poker face as well. Also a bit random and her mind wanders sometimes and she’s off in her own little world. She can also be childish quite often
Likes ;; Listening to Music, Chilling with friends, painting, Raves, Colors, Stuffed Animals [and has almost every animal in plush form xD], Taking Naps buried in her stuffed animals, Dancing, Smoking, Drinking, Sweets [Mostly lollipops]
Dislikes ;; Bright Light [Sunlight], Jerks, People who abuse her stuffed animals
Hobbies ;; See Likes
Power's [If you really want some] ;; None
Past/History ;; She was abandoned as a child and lived on the streets most of her life, until she was found by the scientists and became an experiment. When they were done experimenting on her she decided to go live with the other experiments. Made friends with Axis [my other character] while they were experiments, although he irritates her quite often, and they get into arguments and mess with each other a lot, although they both get intimate every so often.
Clothing ;; Tight light pink tanktop that ends right before her hips so you can see her hip dermal piercings. black Tight low-rider skinny jeans. rainbow colored low top converse. Has lots of band bracelets on one arm, several colors, Carries around a plush panda backpack.
Looks ;; Scene Hairstyle, with bangs that cover her right eye, blue part ends about at her boobs and the black extensions go to about her hips. Skinny, Flawless Skin, Wears Dark Eye Makeup and Pale Pink Lipstick, Barbed Wire Tattoo on her other arm that goes from her wrist to her middle lower arm, also has barbed wire tattoo going around her neck [Both tattoos are like barbed wire wrapped around the area] has snakebite piercings and several ear piercings on each ear and one ear has industrial piercing. Has her right eyebrow pierced twice, both small hoops. Also has a stitch tattoos going from the corner of her left eye down her cheek and ends with a thick black X right before her chin. Paints her finger and toe nails white.
Picture [If you can put it on here, that would be awesome] ;; Soon
Reason for wanting to be here ;; Nowhere else to go, Wanted to be around people like her.

OC for Intoxicating Whispers