OC Profile :: Eulalie

Name: Eulalie (you-lay-lee)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Freeoutfit: Black Skinny Jeans, Tight Black T-Shirt, simple black sandals

Slaved outfit (uniform): black corset top with white lace ribbons going up the front and a simple black skirt with black high-heeled boots.

Appearance : (Hair, style, skin, eyes)- Long kind of messy black hair to her waist and black eyes. Pale skin and short 5’4’’ extremely skinny

powers: up to three!!- can move things with her mind, can sense presences, heightened senses like hearing, smelling and seeing.

Name of you owner: uhm, dunno yet. Buy me or something.

Backstory?" She lost her memories from before she was a slave and has been one for as long as she can remember. Has jumped from owner to owner constantly.

Other?: She is submissive to her owners but is feisty and a little sarcastic. Her previous owners loved her blood (which seems to be some really delectable blood) but had a hard time dealing with her feistiness. She is covered in bite marks, but doesn’t bother to hide them. She also has multiple cuts and bruises from abuse, which she also does not bother to hide. She has always tried to help out the other slaves in her multiple houses but would always get punished for going to far (i.e. stealing food in the middle of the night, sneaking out to get medicine or something) She cares for the other slaves and tries to take care of them.

OC for Slaverunners