First Midterm of Winter Quarter...

Oh the joy -__- Luckily the midterm's for Italian. I've done well in all the quizzes/pop and on the assignments, and I've reviewed extensively, so I feel pretty confident about it.

Next week, I have both my Global and Greek Myth midterms...Global's scaring me a bit.

*random side-note* My roommate hung her clothes all over the room doesn't bother me, but it does make me wonder why she's not willing to spend the extra cents to get the clothes to dry completely. I mean, I know she has plenty of money...I guess that's how the rich stay rich. It would also explain why I'm almost always broke will spend any reasonable or slightly unreasonable amount of money for the sake of having to do less work later

*even more random side-note* some guy's jeans are in our bathroom. Why they're there, I have no idea. I don't know what bugs me more...the fact that they're there, or the fact that they haven't come back to get them O__o

There are also like 8 towels in a bathroom that only 5 people use. None are mine, so technically, 8 towels for 4 people keeps in room, doesn't trust anyone I get no room to put any of my stuff on when I shower because of this (and the infinite amount of bath products they keep in there doesn't help either)