*rant* They place so much emphasis on being "charismatic" and "sociable" for jobs here on campus that it makes it tough for people like me who are not anti-social, but speak very little, and mostly only when it matters, to get a job.

Now I see that they value those other traits soooooo much that they're willing to overlook things such as, well for one, THE ABILITY TO SPEAK/WRITE PROPER ENGLISH/SPANISH! (I've actually been turned down from a translating job just because I wasn't "as friendly" as the other person, yet their Spanish was horrendous! What good will it do to be friendly if the person you're trying to help DOESN"T UNDERSTAND A WORD YOU'RE SAYING?!?!)I just read one of the presentations and the grammar was horrible! How do they allow this disgrace to be published on the campus-wide info network?! Was this just because they were friendlier than the person who was actually capable of doing the job correctly?

This is what I don't understand, not only about the campus work system, but also out there in society. Why do they deny capable people a job in favor of someone who is simply good at talking? It's a whole different situation if the person is both a silver-tongued speaker AND can prove their worth skill-wise. Then, by all means, hire that person, they're pretty much perfect.

Asdfghjkl, I don't get this world >.>

Sorry, about that, just had to get it out there...*rant over*