Dreading Finals...But Christmas Awaits!

I can't wait till Christmas!! But, before I get to enjoy the holiday season, I have to go through hell -.-

At least the break will be a triple holiday (Birthday, Christmas and New Year's). I plan to enjoy my time away from this place to the fullest. I hate this place -.- (the dorms, the school's fine)

Anyway...I got badges for me and my sis to AX 2013! I'm saving up for AM^2. More than likely I will apply for staff on that one to get the two free badges. My friend's going too! She's staying at my place so she won't have to stay at a hotel (she's from North Cal), so that'll be something to look forward to in the summer :D We're tarting to plan out our cosplay...and I'm keeping tabs on the guest announcements, I must meet Travis Willingham, he's hilarious! AND he voices Musatang and Kanda <3 (I can't believe I missed his panel last AX Dx all because of their lack of organization).