Ungrateful Much?

My roommate's friend thinks that the printer is her's. It's on her side of the room, but make no mistake, it's mine I was the one that lugged it from home bought paper and am the most recent contributor of ink. She comes and asks if she can borrow it. I let her. I had to stop what I was doing to help her since she couldn't print. I finish printing all her stuff...and then she leaves...without even thanking me. She probably thinks she has to thank my roommate because 'it's her printer'. Even if it was, doesn't my aid merit some thanks? I hate it when people walk in here and don't even acknowledge my existence simply because they're here to see someone else and not me. A simple hi would suffice, since after all they're walking into my room as well -.-

Idk, I might just be overreacting (could it be the tea?), but this really irks me. I feel myself slowly revering to my old, quieter self that was annoyed by everything (Well I still am easily annoyed) and that people only talked to when they needed something. Once they got what they wanted, they just left. That explains why my closest friend is the one person who doesn't ask for anything, or goes out of her way to thank me when I do end up helping her in anyway and why I ended always falling out with the others that called themselves my 'friends'. The only difference now is that I'm more easily angered than before and am more likely to make snappy, rude responses. This foul mood will probably earn many a poor unsuspecting victim in the elevators death glares. Then people will start asking me why I look so angry all the time...again -.- Who knows, that might be for the better, I got more of my school work done back then with plenty of spare time to have fun.

Things just get progressively worse at this place for me, with the exception of the couple of friends I've made, who seem genuine enough, the highlight of my day is always when I call home. I can't wait to head home for Thanksgiving. This one weekend I didn't go home really killed me.