Quick Post....

Seeing as I finally have a little breathing time, I'll post something. I've been busy all week. I bike to school, run from class to class, sneak meals in, then bike back and start working on all the work for the next day.

As hectic as it is, I'm really enjoying myself. I love my classes, especially Italian. World History is different and very interesting, finally something not U.S. centric!! I really like my Lit class too, the professor's really good. The meaning of poems usually doesn't sink in for me, yet I get everything he says, and now, I'm actually getting better at analyzing them.

I quit my job. I was just as horrible as I imagined. I wouldn't be able to handle that much work and school work. I came back too exhausted to even open a book. Plus, I didn't want to deal with a certain bitchy person (excuse my language)

I have a hard time sleeping sometimes because my floor decides to be loud at 3am -.- this really is a party school...

I went home this past weekend and slept so well I didn't want to go back to my dorm; that and the food's a lot better at home. The food's ok here, but not up to par with a good home-cooked meal.

That's it for now...time to get back to my readings!