In my dorm...

So I finally moved in...It's a nice room. My roommate is really nice. She spends more time next door (I haven't met the people in the adjoining room) so I have the room to myself for the most part.

My family nearly made me cry twice!! >////< First, it was my little cousin telling me that she'd miss me and hugging me so tight I couldn't breathe (sunglasses did well to hide my watery eyes); the littlest one didn't get what was going on, probably thought we were just going on a trip, wait until he doesn't see me for a while....Then, when my mom, dad and sister left, they wouldn't let me go. Even my Dad was tearing up, and I've never seen him anywhere near tears before!

Anyway, on to the happier, random news:

Pandora Hearts is freaking AWESOME!! I'm now on volume 11 thanks to the surprisingly well stocked manga section at Fremont Library, too bad I'm not anywhere near it anymore >.> I was reading on the way to UCSB...I couldn't put the books down!

I saw the space shuttle Endeavour fly really close to my building on Friday~! It was definitely impressive. I didn't think I'd get to see it that close. I was so awestruck that I forgot to take a picture >.<

I got a bike last minute today. My dad's friend gave me a bike. I found that really sweet of him and was very grateful; sadly, the bike was too tall for my short self to ride, so I had to go buy another today. It's a light blue cruiser...I have trouble getting off the bike, but the slightly unstable dismount off this bike really beats the near crash-landing from the other bike. I guess all I need is practice (and conditioning, riding that bike for even a short time kills me Dx)

When I arrived at the move-in area, I ran into my friend from orientation ^-^ She helped me and my family unload and set up in my room. I got there before my roommate, so I got the window area. It's got a really nice view of the Santa Barbara Mountains yay for no ocean view :D

Later on, I made a new friend during our floor dinner. She started talking to me out of the blue, yet we still were very quiet. Then, by the pool, Gangnam Style started playing...and we started talking about K-Pop and I happened to mention that I wasn't really familiar with it, but that I listened to J-Pop/Rock. She asked me how I started listening to it, anime came up, and it turns out she loves anime too ^-^ Haha, we talked non stop after that, so much so that we both kinda lost our voices because we were trying to talk over the music. The gathering got a little too rowdy for us, so we left. After making a quick detour to check on my bike (I felt paranoid that I hadn' locked it well enough), we went to my room and watched some D. Gray-Man on my TV.

Tomorrow I'm going to go find all my classrooms and get my bus pass, just in case it rain or I feel too lazy to ride my bike, with my two new friends. Then it's back to the complex to complete the job paperwork...and I'm going to start applying for desk attendant, bookstore and other office jobs...the dinning commons work looks tough...

Here's what the wall above my bed looks like :D