I did a little research on clubs at UCSB and found that they indeed have an anime club :D and by the looks of it needs a little help expanding >:D which gave me a rush of ideas that I myself still haven't sorted...I'm also planning on taking up either tennis or Aikido "cause I want to lose weight.

On another note, I was thinking of making another world where I would post all the overdue Disney trip reviews I wanted to do...and other random stuff, maybe a game (I really enjoyed TwinkLes' Name that Quote world~!) Any thoughts?

The Olympics are taking up a lot of my time >.< I end up watching even sports I thought I didn't care for. But I do enjoy watching swimming, gymnastics and soccer ^-^ Hetalia has affected the way I look at the games a bit XD Poor Arthur hasn't managed to beat Alfred in the medal count.

Anyway...hope you've all been great! Enjoy this song (it's been stuck in my head since yesterday)