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This is just a world for me to post a bit about me and anything I find interesting.

About Me

Favorite Anime/Manga: Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, DuRaRaRa!!, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Code Geass, Death Note, Pokemon, Tsubasa, xxxHolic, Fruits Basket, Big Windup!, Eden of the East, Clannad, D. Gray-man, Blue Exorcist, Ouran High School Host Club, Black Butler, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!, K-ON!, Bakuman, Cardcaptor Sakura

Favorite Video Games: I mostly play RPGs, my all time favorite is Kingdom Hearts (the whole series). I also like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Pokemon games :D, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, some racing games and baseball or soccer games, Assassin's Creed

Music: I'll listen to anything as long as I like it. I usually listen to J-Rock, J-Pop, Alternative and Punk, Spanish Rock, Classical and some Pop...the list goes on...

Sports: I love baseball and soccer

Worst. Story. Ever.

That's exactly what I wrote for my Spanish essay-thingy. It's so dull. I ran out of ideas half-way through the 3rd page, so I just rambled on. Oh, well, I completed the assignment since it was supposed to be a description, and there's plenty of that.

There's also supposed to be this 'All-Hall-Ball' here soon. The theme is "The Great Gatsby". I'm actually kinda tempted to go due to curiosity, but I know that expecting them to be playing music from that era's a long-shot. Plus, I've got nothing fancy to wear...

Also, I'm semi-excited about the history essay since we get to pick our own topic as long as it has to do with a Latin American country and follow either a political change, war, foreign relation with world powers and I forget the other guides, therefore, Nicaragua's the perfect subject. I'm always intrigued when my dad tells me stories about what he remembers about the war, and when I did a little more information mining for an essay in U.S. history I found just how much of a role the U.S. played in making that little nation and its people miserable! I had too much fun researching that time (seriously, I enjoyed it way more than I should have) so I'm looking forward to that again. I started looking for primary documents, but all the ones I found were in Russian -__- lol, I had forgotten just how much the Soviet Union had supported Nicaragua in their struggles (even though my dad repeatedly stressed the relationship between the two)

After complaining and complaining...

...I find myself having fun writing my Spanish essay. Turns out it has to be a "descriptive narrative" meaning: I get to make up a story! I have the intro finished (and had myself wishing I was in some Caribbean beach instead of this cold, windy California one. The setting may have been influenced by all the Salsa I've been listening to while writing...), I have to think of interesting things that will happen in the hour that I'm describing and incorporate a strange array of vocab words...this will be interesting...

This isn't the only class I'm taking!

Seroiusly! Yes, I get it, we're in college and should be able to handle a large workload, but some professors should be more conscious about the fact that their class isn't the only one we're taking.

I have a test on Wednesday, a page-long analysis on Friday AND a 4 to 5 page essay due on Monday for Spanish >__> I would have appreciated more warning on the essay seeing as it isn't mentioned anywhere on the syllabus.

I've made significant progress with my Global Studies work, but none for my history because I have to do all this for Spanish. Italian's the only class with little to no work OTL

I feel overworked already...now just wait till midterms come around...and my history essay deadline...

-____- So much to do....

I have an insane amount of reading this quarter. I think I might start scheduling days to do a certain class' readings for the week and the work that comes with it before moving on to the next one, because my current approach is clearly not working.

*unrelated* I really hate IV (the town adjacent to the school) It was only 3pm on Friday and people were already drunk. On my bike back, this random guy just punched my on the arm...probably thinking I would lose my balance and fall. One, that was really rude. Two, joke was on him since my cruiser's pretty heavy (I've been in a bike collision where I only lost control of my bike for a sec, then kept going as if nothing happened while the other person fell of and skidded for a couple feet) so I wasn't fazed, while his drunk self nearly fell face first into the pavement.

No more 8am's for me >D!!!

I got a spot in Global!!! That means, no more Anthro and its dull 8am lectures!!!!

I am a very happy person at the moment. A very tired person as well, but that's fine since I will recover with the extra sleep I'll be able to get :D!!