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This is just a world for me to post a bit about me and anything I find interesting.

About Me

Favorite Anime/Manga: Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, DuRaRaRa!!, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Code Geass, Death Note, Pokemon, Tsubasa, xxxHolic, Fruits Basket, Big Windup!, Eden of the East, Clannad, D. Gray-man, Blue Exorcist, Ouran High School Host Club, Black Butler, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!, K-ON!, Bakuman, Cardcaptor Sakura

Favorite Video Games: I mostly play RPGs, my all time favorite is Kingdom Hearts (the whole series). I also like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Pokemon games :D, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, some racing games and baseball or soccer games, Assassin's Creed

Music: I'll listen to anything as long as I like it. I usually listen to J-Rock, J-Pop, Alternative and Punk, Spanish Rock, Classical and some Pop...the list goes on...

Sports: I love baseball and soccer

After avoiding high club positions throughout my life....

So yeah, I've always avoided any official positions in clubs, but today I became the Head of Finance of PIECES - UCSB sounds a lot better than treasurer Also, no need to compete for a spot on the Nicaragua volunteering trip, since the two other members can't go. I'm kinda scared of being responsible of the club's money...bank accounts...records...I'll try not to scare myself out of this, lol, and if all goes well, I'll finally visit Nicaragua!

The meeting was nice. All the members finally met for the first time, and as always, I enjoyed listening to the two Europeans talk. It might've just been me, but the German was being especially nice to me as opposed to the other girls xD he gushed over my last name, saying how unique and cool it sounded, and then over my phone area code Hollywood xD Also, when he was recording the officers and their new titles, I was the only one he congratulated. Well, I'm not complaining ^-^

In other news, I didn't study for yet another one of my Spanish exams...and got a 97! I received my graded story as well, and got 100 on that xD Let's hope my luck carries out into my remaining essays and exams.

-_____- why?

So, it's Friday, and as usual I'm all excited 'cause I will be heading home. I packed up everything quickly and decided not to have dinner at the commons so I could have dinner with my family (I usually eat before I leave, then we go somewhere to eat, and of course, I'm not hungry.)

Well, today they decide to come late. I'm still in my room, waiting for them to come. They probably won't get here till 10 >__> since they just left. Geez.

I guess I'll work on my essay in the meantime. But now I'm starving thanks to my smart choice, and the commons are closed >__<

Foreign sources

I just love foreign sources of info!

After searching for days, I was finally able to find an account of the Contra Wars that was: 1) written during the conflict by a person that experienced it but was not tied to either side and 2) great in familiarizing the reader with the history and context of the nation's troubles. So, not only can I use it as factual support for my claims, it's also a primary source!

Thank you Spanish newspaper! :D

I've never felt so productive! xD

I finished all my Global Studies reading and work for the week yesterday! And now I'm getting started on my essay about the Nicaragua, the FSLN, and how the US didn't allow the new government time to develop...I was actually thinking about changing it to Nicaragua-Cuba relations and how that briefly benefited Nicaragua before the US felt threatened and crushed their hopes for betterment, but I decided against it since I want the main focus to be Nicaragua

*rambles on and on about it for hours* xD I can never seem to shut up when I get started talking about this

I'm excited to join!

I went to the meeting about the volunteering program and can't wait to join. The two students are trying to establish a branch in the US based at our school and need members/administrators. I'll take this as my chance to get involved since it's only starting, and because I'm not involved in anything worthwhile on campus.

Also, the two guys had such cute German accents!! *sigh* lol. They were cute too, especially the Austrian

That last part was just a bonus, I do want to join because of the cause xD