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This is just a world for me to post a bit about me and anything I find interesting.

About Me

Favorite Anime/Manga: Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, DuRaRaRa!!, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Code Geass, Death Note, Pokemon, Tsubasa, xxxHolic, Fruits Basket, Big Windup!, Eden of the East, Clannad, D. Gray-man, Blue Exorcist, Ouran High School Host Club, Black Butler, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!, K-ON!, Bakuman, Cardcaptor Sakura

Favorite Video Games: I mostly play RPGs, my all time favorite is Kingdom Hearts (the whole series). I also like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Pokemon games :D, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, some racing games and baseball or soccer games, Assassin's Creed

Music: I'll listen to anything as long as I like it. I usually listen to J-Rock, J-Pop, Alternative and Punk, Spanish Rock, Classical and some Pop...the list goes on...

Sports: I love baseball and soccer

Floor banquet and party at professor's beach house

The floor banquet was yesterday. Was kinda forced to go by my RA, but I dragged my friend with me. It was a formal event, but since I didn't have anything formal I threw a punk outfit together and felt underdressed the whole time. My RA left because she was sick and had to go to the hospital, so it was a complete waste of time, but meh, got free food. This was supposed to be much longer but I accidentally erased everything and I'm too lazy to rewrite, the next part's more fun/interesting to me anyway

So, I took my Global final today. It was pretty easy :D Afterwards, the professor held an end of the class party at his beach house in DP, the party street here. We seriously didn't believe him when he first mentioned it, but once we saw his announcement at the exam, we knew he wasn't lying xD

The people from my club asked me to go with them, so I decided to go. I had lots of fun talking to the Europeans in our group they are hilarious and met a Swiss student as well :D They were all shocked at how fast I finished xD I took the test, looked it over thoroughly. Afterwards, I left, went to the library, searched for a book on the 7th floor, browsed the other shelves, checked out the book, left the library, went to get my bike, and walked back to the lecture hall. They had barely finished. They kept complimenting me, saying I was very smart and stuff can't say I didn't love it

I learned that the Austrian speaks English, Spanish, French, and, of course, German! ALso, the German tends to over analyze and stress about what women say to him xD I'm really going to miss them.

At the professor's house it was really nice, with a beautiful ocean view, and tons of awesome books at hand we helped ourselves to the food he had for us and some delicious punch he had made. Then we talked amongst our little group. We talked to the professor too. My friend and I asked him about Cuba xD I really want to go to Cuba He said it was a beautiful country and that there was a possibility that the University would establish a foreign exchange with the University of Havana and that he would recommend that as our legal ticket in there, but he also explained how to get there illegally xD

I had to leave early because I had history section :( but I got my essays back :D Both 93's! And the review session was very helpful for the final. She's definitely my favorite TA so far. I like how she's nice, extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable.

My first year''s almost over! I didn't think I would miss anything...but this Spring Quarter changed that. It was definitely the best so far!

Wow...such a long post xD

Sooooo tired....

I can't wait for summer. I already have a final coming next week, plus, I still have to write that essay for Spanish...and then study like crazy for history. Though I can't say I won't miss this place.

I loved lecture for history today! It was partly about Brazil and their economic successes and the last part was about the importance of soccer in Latin America :D the professor even worked some baseball into the lecture.

I think I'm really going to miss the club meetings. Once the quarter is over, the Europeans are gone OTL The whole club (all of 4 people xD) is going to miss them.

Earthquake -___-

At like 7 something in the morning I was literally shaken awake. I've lived in LA my whole life, yet I've never felt a quake as strong as this one. I didn't get up at first 'cause I thought I was dreaming, but I eventually got up. At least nothing else happened.

Watched Fast and Furious 6!! For the Second Time xD

So, today my friend and I headed Downtown and decided to watch Fast and Furious 6 :D Well, it was my second time, since I watched it on Sunday with my family. It was still fun. I loved the movie, goofy stunts and all xD

We had dinner over there too. We really needed a break from campus, but now to stay up late to do all the work I ignored xD thankfully it's not much.

Late Night Bike >__>

I stayed late on campus for a meeting today, so I decided to take the bus back with my friend. It was a bit chilly to bike back and I hadn't brought a sweater. So when we get there, and the bus comes, there's already a bike on the rack. Another guy was there with his bike, and he hurriedly placed his bike on the remaining spot and told me, "well, I guess you're biking" and got on the bus. >___> since the next bus wasn't coming for like 30 min, I indeed had to bike. I wouldn't have been bothered as much if he hadn't so rudely said what he did. Geez, and now I want to shower and of course there's someone in the shower taking their sweet time >__<