WELCOME!!! This is basically where I will post things related to being an otaku and well my random otaku mind! Enjoy reading!

Anime is not a cartoon....

My friends got in a fight with our math teacher today when he said that anime was a cartoon. They had to make it very clear before they left the classroom that there was a very big difference between anime and cartoons. It only went on untill the bell rang for the end of the day and they all left but not before the teacher told them about their homework.

Random anime I decided to watch.

So I posted earlier My Anime to Watch list! I realized that most of them were only 13 or so episodes which is good because I don't really have any time to watch much Anime any more. So I watched all of Uta No Prince-sama and Kamisama Hajimemashita. They are both great series, but UtaPri was not as good as I first anticipated. The main focus was on the struggles of the characters and it kind of got confusing in the end. The opening and ending theme songs got stuck in my head really easily. Kamisama H. was really good from the first episode it made you want to watch more. The only disappointment there was that it has not yet been dubbed yet in English. I will be posting more reviews on other anime on my list soon!

Anime to watch list!

So guys this is my Anime to watch list!
1. Uta No Prince-sama
2. Gintama
3. Amnesia
4. Sword Art Online
5. Hunter X Hunter
6. Ao No Exorcist
7. K Project
8. Kamisama H.

I am currently watching Uta No Prince-sama and it is looking like a promising and interesting series.
Any suggestions to add to my list are welcome!


Yesterday in history we were talking about my country's governmental system and my teacher asks 'Which other country has a constitution?' well no one else was listening but me and my friend. I look to my friend and she isn't going to give an answer so I decide to yell out 'America!' and my teacher goes 'Yes.' After hearing her say this I decide to do 'YES!' and did a little hand gesture my teacher just looks at me then says 'Your a legend.'
Most of my answers are yelled out over my class' talking.


My art teacher at school tells us that we need to make a giant name tag for our art folders. All my friends are making up these patterns and stuff for there's and my friend sitting next to me is drawing all the Adventure Time characters hanging off her name and so on. My piece of paper has my Tobi and Madara chibis on it holding the letters of my name. Then my teacher says that we have to paint it.... If I had have known I would have drawn everything slightly larger than I already did. It feels like it taken forever to get to the point I'm at which is almost done. But at least the water splashed on it dried with out smudging the paint.