Another little message to say

I miss ya wolfehh

And worried about ya...the whole gang on here are missing ya...

I hope your ok and we're thinking of you. We're here always, we will be here for you ALL of us when you come back if you feel the need to talk

Love you little rave chick sis.

oh and guess what I have a funcky bear hat, scalf and pocket glove combo thing like your zebra one now hehe ^_^


I told ya I would find one lol :P There was only a matter of time before I brought myself one lol XD


Well be happeh soon Wolfeh girl... Thinking of you always and missing ya lots



it might sound funny but "Tangled" is one of my FAVORITE movies of all time, also, im in love with Rapunzel :3

We all Understand

WolFii Your Bak OMG Wow things must be hard for you just so you know me and the boys are here if you ever need to talk to us

Yeah... Im Back Again!

its taken alot to get through this Christmas season with so many family and friends dying. But im back, and i just wanted to say sorry for all of the late posts and stuff.


A little message

Here's a little message for my rave chick buddy Wolf Walker to say I am thinking of u and ur family and ur best frends family at this very hard time, and I am sending love and positivity through to u x x keep ur chins up darling, I f...

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