I'm more or less interested in anything dealing with Itachi but I get interested easily with any manga/anime
I'm not much to talk about an amateur artist trying to put up art for people to see as well as fan art. I hope you like this world I'm probably just do journal entries and compare things in life with some in anime/manga

Moka's Post

So apparently I feel that this is something I never really thought about. I decided it should be shared.
No you don't have to share it but I felt I should since well I seem to have never really paid much attention to many people... but I do try to speak to everyone I can on theO in chat when I use to get on but also lately I've been on job searching and trying to figure out new ways to use the digital program being Gimp
So share... if you don't I'll find you. Just messing with ya guys n gals

This is her post:

"Okay, so, i've started to notice something. TheO has become very....shall I say...Seclusive. Yeah. Like, people totally ignore others who branch out and attempt to make friends or strike a conversation or even just say hello. It's not just for the newbies who have yet to make any friends here, either. Seclusion happens to everyone. Including myself, for example. For instance, just this past month. I messaged a member that I KNOW is on every single day, and I have yet to hear even a response back saying "I don't think we'd really get along" or something like that. I know that this member (nameless for reasons) saw my message and either discarded it without even giving me a chance, or read it and just decided to ignore me like I was some sort of weird glob on the floor that nobody wants to touch.

Here's what I suggest: Give everyone a chance! Whenever somebody either approaches me or responded to my message, it made me feel so happy. I'm serious.

TheOtaku should have some sort of buddy system, y'know? Or some sort of pen-pal thing that everyone that is active has to sign up for. I'm just sayin'. A surefire way for members to see the truth: every member here is amazing. So many members have so many things in common with each other, but just don't see it because they never give anybody the time of day.

I, for one, have made many friends here by getting to know them. Messaging everyone, even if I don't think i'll like them. 100% of the time, i'm wrong. Also, for the record, I love getting messages from members I don't know. It's a chance for me to make a new friend.

I believe I should message people every now and then but sometimes I just don't have that chance like I should. To all the subscribers and friends I have on here I believe it be great to make sure that we try and speak to those who try to speak to us and not acknowledge those who want to speak to us. My opinion.

Happy Fourth Of July

Hey Guys just a quick happy fourth of July and hope it goes well if your going to celebrate it

I havent really been posting any artwork either not that I don't want to just been busy I volunteered to help sell fireworks....
Been at it for a few days and today Im a be selling from 10 in the morning to mindnight or even to 1 in the morning seeing as the 20% of what I sell with some other volunteers would go to our church

Its going to be a busy day for me so see you guys sometime later

Elders React to Ghost Elevator Prank

Pharaoh's Throne

I dunno started looking around in the Yugioh abridged videos again.

Tagged... Yet again By Fuko

tagged by fuko chan
1. If you had to be a different animal everyday for a week what 7 animals would they be?
Wolf, Dog, Tiger, Rat, Weasel, Farret and a Porcupine
2. Whats your favorite color and how many shirts do you own in that color?
....black..... everything.... over 5 shirts
3. Let's say you were super gluing and awesome project together but in the process you super glued an object to you and it's stuck for life. What would you super glue to yourself?
................................................something that can shank people
4. What's behind you? O_o
a wall

5. If you had to be a vegetable, what would you be?
.......I guess a potatoe

6. (if you haven't played kingdom hearts, I'm sorry) so let's say your at the point where your whole island is in the process of getting destroyed and you actually had a choice. Be sora and stay on the good side or follow riku into the shadows of the dark side?
dark side always has cookies my friend

7. Would you join the opposite side if they had cookies?
kind of beat you to that
8. What's your favorite type of pie?
Pumpkin pie

9. If you had to be in an anime where the main character or someone close to the main character dies, what anime would that be?
............. hm tough choice
10. Play station or xbox?
Play station
11. Last question, woot woot. What is your most favorite legend of Zelda video game?

Twilight Princess

Lila im not doing the 7 questions one again because Im not going to act like i have favorites woman... why you being devious i said no tag backs