I'm more or less interested in anything dealing with Itachi but I get interested easily with any manga/anime
I'm not much to talk about an amateur artist trying to put up art for people to see as well as fan art. I hope you like this world I'm probably just do journal entries and compare things in life with some in anime/manga

So...Taking Requests.

So im taking requests....

*Keba Si Rota request something having to do with FMA.
*kita mikichi draw one of OCs
*lileeboo draw okami character nami
* Heartstop Draw me with levi and eren from Attack on Titan
*teapartyprincess bunny in a teacup/something with a bunny
* Keya couple Keya and Inuyasha
* chihiroyin request something from the girl who leapt through times chiacki and Makoto together (a bit like in the end when hes leavin her )
*Creshendeath request a drawing of creshendeath
* clueless101 draw one of OCs
* DeathSeraph draw one of OCs
*almondmochi draw OC Almond
*enkichan draw Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji

Edited: Still taking Requests Just hope you don't mind it being late until I can get me a new Charger for my laptop that I usually upload my artworks on. Also The Requests are sketched already just need to color them on gimp or some by hand. If you want it digitally colored let me know... If you don't care if its colored with colored pencils let me know.

>>Also Drawing Levi in Sketch/lineart/Digital (First to say Levi in the Comment gets all 3 dedicated to them)
Drawing Eren (titan/human form) Sketch/Lineart/ Digital (first to say Eren gets that dedicated to them) Dedication to: yummy suika

yeah I colored it in gimp


I'll be posting up all the requests soon.
If not tonight then some other time.

To everyone who asked for a Request

Yeah might be a while... I did some.. Unfortunately my laptops charger has gave in... and I have no other way to charge the laptop... So everything I did manage to finish.. is Now in the other laptop that can't turn on since its out of charge.. Thing is the charger is of a Macbook... not a macbook pro or air...
So as of now I can't upload the finished drawings nor can I continue them until I find a new charger. If anyone can tell me where i can buy one for a cheap price or where I can find one. Let me know. It be a big help.


So i never knew what it felt to have a stomach flu

For the past few days.... I had it
And it felt like I was being punched in the gut repeatedly
Whats worse I passed it on to my brother, sister and mother....

Who knew it was contagious because I sure didn't

Ah well havent been uploading anything because its been hard to hold a pencil in hand without hurling or going to the bathroom.
But its almost gone.
So might upload soon.

Great way to start February

Plans for the 2014 year

...start off.... Find a damn job
And also stop getting sick. Feels every other month I got to get sick... yes I'm sick right now still for the past 4 days with the ... not sure what but its pissing me off but in all gotta get myself together

Im a also be supporting Dragonseiryuka on her Art Progress I'm sure she can stop procrastinating ..... hopefully.

And I'm going to try and work on digital artworks more.
Probably do more requests
And also make more challenges...And join challenges
Oh and for Lila since I still haven't joined your challenge... or quite a few peoples challenges since I haven't been in a drawing mood as I should be, Lila just for you and a few other females who won't stop bugging me on this, I'll try to watch Attack on the Titans this year.

Not a lot to do... But I'll hop to it.