I'm more or less interested in anything dealing with Itachi but I get interested easily with any manga/anime
I'm not much to talk about an amateur artist trying to put up art for people to see as well as fan art. I hope you like this world I'm probably just do journal entries and compare things in life with some in anime/manga

Happy (Early) New Years

Thanks for those who sent a new years gift to me on here , I would send gifts back but I sorta ran out of gifts so yep, sorry. Just know I do appreciate them and I hope you guys have a good one. Have a good New Years enjoy the memories and all that such that you got or want to remember of 2013 and end it with a blast. Enjoy it with family/friends and hope it goes well for all you guys

Enjoy the count down and enjoy the end of 2013 to the start of 2014

Happy Holidays

Have a good time on Christmas for those who do celebrate it
Enjoy yourself. Have fun with the fam and all that jazz.
Enjoy the holidays

And as for me... I'll be busy with the requests by those who asked for it. And yes some of you will get it in digital or traditional. ... Or both.

Happy Holidays guys and gals.


Look at time
its close to being over
you wait a bit more
A minute has pass
Its time to go
But you have to wait a bit
They haven't said good bye
You wait
You look
You sigh
If they can come
And tell your to stay
You be ok
Its been 20minutes
They aren't coming
They don't believe you would
They don't believe I would
I smirk
I look
45 minutes
I laugh
I stare
I sigh
Its there
My ticket out
To end it all
I look
Its late
I take my knife
And time means nothing anymore....

It lives

I blame updates....
Damn thing never goes right if my brother is the one doing the updating...
But in all... I got it to work... so My laptops good... for now....
Thanks Lucifers Wife... and Silver
Shift also did a big help in restarting the laptop...
Thanks Auntie Yuka for being my helper.... ish though I blame you as well..... just kidding


Hey, I need help!
Anyone know how to get computer working again? It was updating software and its now stuck on the loading screen with the apple logo.


If you are wondering dragonseiryuka post this, Zuzu can't get online ^^" Please help!