I'm more or less interested in anything dealing with Itachi but I get interested easily with any manga/anime
I'm not much to talk about an amateur artist trying to put up art for people to see as well as fan art. I hope you like this world I'm probably just do journal entries and compare things in life with some in anime/manga

Elders React to Ghost Elevator Prank

Pharaoh's Throne

I dunno started looking around in the Yugioh abridged videos again.

Tagged... Yet again By Fuko

tagged by fuko chan
1. If you had to be a different animal everyday for a week what 7 animals would they be?
Wolf, Dog, Tiger, Rat, Weasel, Farret and a Porcupine
2. Whats your favorite color and how many shirts do you own in that color?
....black..... everything.... over 5 shirts
3. Let's say you were super gluing and awesome project together but in the process you super glued an object to you and it's stuck for life. What would you super glue to yourself?
................................................something that can shank people
4. What's behind you? O_o
a wall

5. If you had to be a vegetable, what would you be?
.......I guess a potatoe

6. (if you haven't played kingdom hearts, I'm sorry) so let's say your at the point where your whole island is in the process of getting destroyed and you actually had a choice. Be sora and stay on the good side or follow riku into the shadows of the dark side?
dark side always has cookies my friend

7. Would you join the opposite side if they had cookies?
kind of beat you to that
8. What's your favorite type of pie?
Pumpkin pie

9. If you had to be in an anime where the main character or someone close to the main character dies, what anime would that be?
............. hm tough choice
10. Play station or xbox?
Play station
11. Last question, woot woot. What is your most favorite legend of Zelda video game?

Twilight Princess

Lila im not doing the 7 questions one again because Im not going to act like i have favorites woman... why you being devious i said no tag backs

Tagging in 7s

1. Answer each of the 7 questions with the name of one of your friends on theO.
2. No repeat names.
3. The 7 people you named are then tagged. Send them a PM with a link to let them know.
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1. To which person would you be likely to tell your secrets? Chichi6

2. You're asking someone out and you're nervous/want advice. Who do you talk to? Mangakid shes pretty good with advice and such
3. You're having a bad day and just want someone to listen. Who would that be?
ACL Productions mainly because she been with me through most of my problems. Also she is my conscience

4. You're in jail! Who's going to come and bail your butt out of there? .....what if i want to stay in jail? But if i had to pick it probably be Dragoonseiryuka... even if she might not have the cash.

5. Who's in there with you saying "This'll be a great story to tell at parties"? ME just kidding man im not sure... Lila.... yeah that devious one.

6. This is someone who makes you laugh or smile. Who is it? Yoro... she tends to do the most weirdest things ... on perpose

7. Who do you admire? everyone who can draw way better than I can. But in honesty i cant really chose someone on this spot. Everyone I know on here I admire for different reasons

Tagged(yet) Again....

So this time it was dragonseiryuka

1. If reincarnation is real, and you can choose, what will you become?
A wolf
2. You stuck between your 2 best friends quarreling over a silly matter. What will you do?
walk away and buy me some coke let them dispute between themselves
3. You found a wallet full of money, what will you do?
...........-grins and takes it with me- Im just kidding just go take it to the cops... maybe.
4. You got an appointment with your best friend, you kind of forgot and it was 15 minuted to go for the time. You will?
Yep still go and just to make em not mad get em something they like
5. You got a call, it was a wrong number. But the person behind the phone is persistent to know you. What will you say to that person?
....If your that lonely go to a club plenty of people you can get to know man
6. Why everyone still eating junk foods when they know that it was a junk food?
...because its junk food...
7. Choose cheap food with average taste and huge portion or expensive food with luxury taste and really small portion. Why?
.......cheap food. average taste WHY because im cheap that way.
8. If there are parallel worlds, who do you think you are in the other worlds?
Probably same as i am now... just more aggressive or less aggressive.... eh
9. Represent yourself in 1 world! Ha!
10. What will you say when someone says "Your dreams are too good to be true?"?
Well thats why im me my dreams are my reality dudes
11. Why it should be 11 questions and 11 person tagged?
because it just is.... and usually its only 10 questions

Now for once Im a tag people -grins-
My Questions

1) have you ever been tagged before

2) What would your top 5 anime be

3) Do you believe that a zombie outbreak will occur sometime soon?

4) What would your weapon(s) of choice be

5) Have you seen the movie or the trailers for The Purge?

6) If so then do you think that would happen? (If you haven't seen the movie or know about then just skip this question)

7) If you had the chance to see your one favorite anime/game character what would you ask them?

8) Would you find these questions a bit odd?

9) If you were to have the one thing you wanted in the world... what would it be?

10) If you could rule any anime/game which would it be.

-grins now for my victims I mean...
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