I'm more or less interested in anything dealing with Itachi but I get interested easily with any manga/anime
I'm not much to talk about an amateur artist trying to put up art for people to see as well as fan art. I hope you like this world I'm probably just do journal entries and compare things in life with some in anime/manga

Tagged Again


1. Who is your favorite anime character and why?
hm Sebastian for being able to not die... freaking demon
2. Do you prefer realism art over manga art, or the other way around?
I prefer manga art but i have nothing against realism
3. If you were forced to draw something in pen, what would you draw without having to use any guidelines whatsoever?
....probably just draw some random thing.
4. Pandas vs. Pikachu? Explainnnnn.
....Panda..... because.. not sure why i just prefer pandas more
5. Search up these two YouTubers, watch their videos, and in one sentence, explain which one is funnier: IISuperwomanII OR danisnotonfire
if i say i don't really find them all that funny do i still have to answer...
6. TheOtaku vs deviantArt? Explainnnnnnn.
.......no comment....
7. Who did you subscribe to last on theOtaku?
8. What pokejinka would you like to be?
erm... i guess Poochyena...
9. DRAW ME A SLICE OF PIZZA!! *somehow, someway, and post it on this blog, MWAHAHAHA*
<) <--- there you go
10. No mo' questions. Ya happy?
sorta aha im kidding

Not going to tag people because almost everyone is getting tagged

Tagged again and Birthday Thanks

Well First thanks for the gifts and the birthday wishes guys and gals much appreciated.
Birthday went well. It was great to be honest I would of had a ferret as a pet... unfortunate that my sister didn't want me to get bitten by it... or that my pitbull/labrador ended up eating it either...
Got birds instead. not bad

Though something did happen to make my birthday turn a bit to the worse. News of my Uncle he got caught by immigration for those who want to know got me mad of course... Knowing this. But still can't let it effect the day right? But in the end... he is technically fine.
The birthday ended with cake... my addiction with soda and most importantly a colored Kakashi

Now... I got tagged

1 Have you ever wanted to Sky dive?
2 What was the weirdest thing you've ever done?
....weirdest thing I done would be eating a roach....don't ask...
3 Do you believe in a Zombie apocalypse?
eh sorta
4 Have you ever wanted to be an animal. If so what animal?
hell yeah i wanted to be a wolf
5 What would you do if you saw a dragon?
time to train that dragon
6 What if that dragon tried to eat you?
....well its time to kill a dragon
7 What's the last song you listened to?
Apocalyptica Ruska
8 Did you know Death Note is being turned into a American Live Action movie?
no i didn't
9 Did you know Zac Efron is playing Light Yagami in it?
someone kill and end this live action movie of deathnote....
10 If you had to fight with a weapon what weapon would you use?
a bat....
11 What's your favorite genre of anime?
....comedy and horror



Got tagged by eijiforever
1. Is it alright if I ask non-sense?
sure go for it
2. Oh. Do you know what it feels like when you saw something you want to buy so bad but you can't buy it?
yep.... its called suffer and beg someone who could buy it for you
3. Have you ever eaten something that tastes awful but forced to eat all of it?
3. What food is that?
broccoli ...
5. Are you bored with this that's why you didn't even notice that there are two number three and no number 4?
now that you mention it.... i didn't bother looking at the numbers aha
6. If you ever get the chance to be a famous artist (the one that acts) will you grab it?
7. What's the worst way to end the world?
.....not sure.... death of a fart i guess
8. If ever the world is ending, and you can save someone, who is it?
hmm..... well i want to say my fake wife.... Since she always had my back
9. If you ever saw a portal that leads to the anime world, will you go in even if it means to leave your family and and everyone on earth?
..........nice knowing you guys
10. If the world is ending and there's a portal to the anime world (which only opens once in a billion years) and you have the power to save the world, will you go in the portal or not?
save the world my friend
11. Which comes first, an egg or a chicken?
the egg

I tag..well not really sure whoever wants to get tagged

Super Pig

So cares to play this game... and tell me if you rage and how long did you manage to play http://armorgames.com/play/12959/super-pig

still taking art requests

Haven't rage quit yet but it is late so i can't really continue on.... Also there will be pop up saying God Mode.... Don't push it... i mean its real and it will help but its a cheat so I rather die and die repeatedly finding the right path than use it no fun in having unlimited lives.... makes it a challenge in my opinion. still a fun ass game to play on pc.... hard but fun.

Taking Requests

Im taking requests....

Mostly on the fact again... I'm on a blank. As I said before I will draw any character i probably never drawn Before....
I do have to say if their characters that look realistic... then I can't promise It will come out fine. Not the best in realism.
in my opinion i make everything come out in my drawing styleI'm not having limits here.... well maybe i should incase but I'll do it for.... first 5 people.

I'll just wait then....

1) nimbusoak: O.C Rita
2) silvershriek: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from Tiger an Bunny