I'm more or less interested in anything dealing with Itachi but I get interested easily with any manga/anime
I'm not much to talk about an amateur artist trying to put up art for people to see as well as fan art. I hope you like this world I'm probably just do journal entries and compare things in life with some in anime/manga


we laugh... we cry.... we do what we can. Living happy and carefree with those around you. But that happiness begins to break. One person lies. Another betrays. And another shatters your dreams. Others break you. Those who would lift you up, now look down on you. So what do you say to those who speak to you when they need you. But turn away from you when you need them. How will you know who is who. Who is real. Who is false. Those would be the ones....who stand by you in the ups. And the downs. The easy times. And the hard times. Held you up and still keep you there. Many of those people still do exist. But some people seem to never notice them. Those who give you and others so much care... has probably hurt the most. Those who never get angry probably has once before and has controlled it. Those who gives you the biggest smiled probably hurt the most in the past. Those who has never turned their back on you even when they should....probably have been abandoned the most. Living...but complaining.... people have their problems... some get through them alone others with help. Give a hand... give a damn....some people need someone even if its just One person. People come. And they go. But those who stand by you through it all... will probably be there til the end.

Live to Die

can't be helped when your living day... after day things go wrong... and you do what you can to keep going. Tomorrow being another day. What if tomorrow doesn't come? Live life... to the extent of trying to make people smile.... friend happy..... and everyone around you know your there.... What does it mean to live.....a life where people turn against you. Leave you. Break you.....What does it mean? To live.... to only die inside. To live life happy from the start of it all but then it all falls. May you be young. Or Old. People tend to live....on the outside. And Die slowly on the inside. Have you felt that before? Know anyone who has felt that before? To say to live... to them... they probably have no reason to keep going anymore. Give a hand. But don't look down on them. Many try to live....to only die.


I finally get to hear from you.... after all the time it took from me to feel you were alright and think that nothing has happened to you...that you be ok even if it seemed you haven't given me a call back or the slightest hint that you were fine.... I remember... I would give a call when I didn't hear from you after a few days when you would usually call.... In the end.... you were going though things... Things I wish I could of helped you with. I heard of some of the things.... not all of it. But now... the night a night I never expected you finally speak.... I didn't care if I was suppose to be sleeping or not tired or not I just wanted to know if you were alright. You made me let out a sigh of relief to hear from you but then you tell me of the rest of whats been happening... anger and pain and other stuff.... what or how could i help... at all? Before I could give a word of advice but now.... I cant even give that. Somehow... I thought you wouldn't be thinking the things I would usually think.... those dark and miserable thoughts.... the ones that taunt me day and night but then again I didnt think most people or expect some people who have those thoughts either. But you are one I was not going to expect it from at all.... in all.... Im happy you had spoken.... and also happy to know your trying to give it your all.... To push forward even with things being bad for you.... And all I can do is hope that you will succeed in that my conscience who I loved and never forgot about even after you went silent on me and the rest..... just glad. Really glad.... thats all I wanted.... to hear from you.... I can give a smile here and there but you..... when you came to mind I could never really say I was happy knowing nothing of you but now.... I just want to try....to keep that connection still.... and not let you fall out of my reach again.... not again.... Not now.... I just got you back. I dont want to go thinking and wondering again ....

Chi and Me doodling in Google+ hang out

Felt Blind for the Day

So I went to the eye doctor and decided to get some test done.... They asked if I could let them dilate my eyes to see that they were fine.....

I decided what the hell whats the worst that can happen....… Next thing I know it hurts to look at the light.....So they gave me these shades....

Looks in the shape of Glasses and it was dark.... Real dark. I went to the store with my mom and this guy kept staring at me.... I couldn't help but act like i didn't notice even though I was staring straight at him. apparently the darkness of the shades... were real dark to the point no one noticed my eyes at all.... but ah well 6hours I was with those glasses things....

I felt stupid. But I looked funny.

But now that their off.... I kind of want to keep wearing them in the day.