I'm more or less interested in anything dealing with Itachi but I get interested easily with any manga/anime
I'm not much to talk about an amateur artist trying to put up art for people to see as well as fan art. I hope you like this world I'm probably just do journal entries and compare things in life with some in anime/manga

Interview With Link

Bad Habit

Never sleep late... when you work early in the freaking morning.... damn it to hell for being a night person

But when you got a drawing.... and it has a lot of things to color on it... you forget the time. Mostly because you're on a role....


Digital or Traditional

which would you rather see more that I do.

Or which should I work on more.

Just thought I ask. See what answers I can get.

no thats not my artwork guys and gals found it online


I feel I died off here...
then again when work and work and more work gets to you its pretty hard to stay on here or even draw at that
Hows everyone been... those who started school (regular high or college/university)

Just a quick Hey before i disappear again into the real word aha
Also will be uploading more drawings when I can.

Also for those who saw my tally on keeping or changing my O.Cs Sapphires hair color well I'll give ya that result in a drawing.

Have a good one guys and gals.

So let me take a tally/poll

I know most people probably don't give a shiz on this poll/tally

I just want to ask As of those Who know my O.C Sapphire

See her name Is Sapphire yet I gave her Red highlights and brown Hair....

My decision is up to who ever answers weather or not to change Sapphires Hair color from Red and Brown to
Black and Blue

So its up to you to say Yes- Change or No- Keep Red and Brown

Im asking you as a if I should or shouldn't.

And it Begins

( 7 ) Change: ||||| ||

( 10 ) Keep the Same: ||||| |||||