a hampster christmas

Note: Through out this story I am a boy

so I’m in this room talking to a councilor and the room is really dirty when there is movement. out of a scrap wood heap scrambles a hamster. the old women tries to kill the hamster but I scoop it up and say its mine although I do not own a hamster.

next thing i know I’m in a room that looks like a boarding room and is all white. i play with the hamster then put it up to run some chores. when i come back the hamster is gone. i run and ask my sister if she saw it and she told me she had played with it and it died.

i ran to my trashcan looking for her and i found her in a plastic bag. i ripped it open and it talked to me( 0.0 mental?) and thanked me for saving its life.

then its just some random flashes and the only one i remember is that we had magically transformed into lions and we are on main street (lions on main street... hmm...) following to ducks and they were saying something like watch out for those two love birds or something and it was Christmas. You know what, i swear that hamster was a human in disguise.

Next we are in this warehouse and there are bad guys upstairs and this warehouse looks like a barn. There is a creaking noise and the roof were they were standing gave way and broke. Christmas things sprawled out every where so we took some tinsel and slingshoted out of the warehouse.

Next thing I see is Santa with these orbs that have Christmas letter-videos in them and it has me in a green sweater and meh hamster in my arms by a completely white Christmas tree. We thanked him for his help (wait where did Santa help us???) and whished him a merry Christmas.