lab explosions, flowers, and a horse

(note: the first part of this is detailed cause that’s how I was going to write my dreams but now the are going to be simplistic until I can Wright them with more detail later cause if I don’t I’ll never be able to keep up with my dreams)

In an underground waterway there was two ways I could choose. Forward or left. Which to choose. Either could be my demise. I was running out of air in my diving suit and I needed to get out fast. After deciding I shouldn't wait to long, I turned left, for better or for worse. After swimming through the murky waters for a few yards I hit a dead end.


But then I saw a faint glimmer of light and looked up. There was a small hole a few more yards above me and an air pocket. Filled with relief I swam up and hoisted myself onto the ground. I took off my scuba mask and took a deep breath.

When I opened my eyes I saw a hall way dimly lit and, wondering why in the world there was a tunnel here I followed it. I soon was able to hear voices and I came to the end of the tunnel and peeked in through the metal doorway.

What I saw was a shock to the brain. Machines of all sizes squealed in protest of the heavy workloads on them, overheated, there were chemicals spilled all over, and there were people.

Lots of them.

The majority of them where in white coats, scientists, by the looks of it, and they were all in panic except one stunningly lavender haired scientist. Her back was to me but she was calm in the chaos, the eye of a storm.

But this sight of confusion was not what startled me most; it was the bodies of their experiments. Grotesque, mangled, and unsightly, the horrible death they must have gone through was one I could only imagine.

I quickly looked away. This was something I should have never seen, and I wish I hadn't. Just as I was about to walk away there was a bright light, the ground started to shake and a sound equivalent to the world collapsing rang through the halls as fire raged towards me.

There was a bright flash of light and when I could see again I was by a big lake and I was a boy. (A gender-bender!)My friends were there and I swear they were the pokemon gang. Any who, there was a disturbance in the water and I saw a girl and I jumped into the lake without a second thought.

I swam up to her but when I got there she rose up out of the water and when I saw what she looked like I was surprised. The bottom half of her body was a rare flower (I have no idea which one) and she was remarkably beautiful.

she lifted me out of the cold water and we fell in love (wow that was fast 0.0) this went on till one day when we were singing in the middle of the lake and suddenly she let out a scream and started to die. She told me she loved me and then wilted away rapidly.

I plopped down into the water without something to hold me and what did I see when I looked in the water? A JINORMUS FISH! I knew that it had killed my sweet flower maiden and I struggled with it as it attacked me. I was able to ward it off and as it swam away I was struck with grief.

Swimming to her flower garden she treasured I started digging the flowers up to take them with me and care for them in my own garden. But then, as soon as I turned my back that fish attacked me again! We wrestled and fought till I had wounded it severely. As it swam away again I was lost in sorrow. Now it not only took away my love but it had also killed her flowers.

Then inspiration struck and I grabbed my horse (horse? where did THAT come from?) and road up the river that flowed into the lake. I remembered that she had told me she had seeds up the river and they were hidden but I knew where they were. And I would get them.


some where along the lines of riding up the river and when I got there I had changed back to a girl.( when will the gender confusion stop?!?!?) as I neared the place I was told about I slowed to a stop and jumped off my horse. I sensed something lurking in the shadows but I ignored it.

I reached into the hollow of a tree and pulled out a huge seed. I looked at it for a moment, filled with relief, and put it carefully into my bag. In total there were ten. Just ten small things left of my flower maiden (and no I didn't know her name.)

Just then something grabbed my foot and pulled my under water. As I was dragged under I saw what had grabbed me. It was that damned fish again, but this time, it would pay. I pulled out my knife as it lunged at me I nicked its side and blood was drawn. As it swam around again and was about to bite my head off I dodged and grabbed it around the head and sliced it in half, finally silencing it, forever.

Ragged and tired I climbed out of the river and started walking along a gravel road to my house. While I was walking you could hear parts of the bambi movie in the background. All of sudden thumper dashed out of a bush and ran off.


When I finally got home I realized I had left my horse and when I went to look for it, it came right up to me with a letter in his mouth. I read it and it invited us to a horse competition in Japan. Next thing I know i'm on a boat in a towl talking to a perverted Japanese guy and trying not to fly off the boat and lose my towel. And as soon as I thought I would loose my towel I woke up.