thes stories i put up here probobly will make no sense AT ALL. they are my dreams at night and my head gets pretty wacked up when i sleep. scenes change abruptedly, somehow im a guy insdted of a girl, or i almost reasch my goal and just as im about to complete it i totaly forget about it and start to do something elts. but what ever im doing and when ever i do it, please enjoy my wacky dreams straight from my head. comment like ur lives depend on it! cause mine very well may! thanks a bunch! enjoy!

p.s. please dont steal my dreams! they are from my head and i may use them for stories!

band and a suprise attack!

okay so me and two other members of the colorguard were making a marching band show with 4 other members of the band. with so little members its really hard to do that and some guard members have to switch between an instrument and flag. when we were done i headed out into the halls and when i turned a corner it was not my school. after walking down the hallway a bit till im almost to the end this person pops out from the corner i had turned earlier and spots me. so he alerts the others and they come after me and invade the peace treaty with the earth reprisentatives and other world representitivs. and as everything was geting taken over i woke up.

an obstacle course, games, and a war

Yeah, so first some lady and I were going through some pipe like training course and she was showing me how to get through it. At first some masked bad guys were coming after us and there were some gas cans around the course. She broke the gas cans and grabbed a stick, lit it on fire with one of the flame traps, and she threw it on the gas can and said “that’s how it’s done”. Then me and my dad when through the course and there was a prize for getting through. We made it and got the prize and went through it again. When we got to the end though the requirements were different to win and we had to go again. This time there were other parents with there kids and we were competing. We did it the same as we had done it before and won, but the next time we went through there was a lady that said we did it wrong. The requirements had changed again and now the pipes were set up in three parts. The first was sketching, the second was final draft, and the third was an obstacle course. We beat that and this time when I went to go through it again I turned into Edward and my partner was Alphonse in his human body. The obstacle course had changed into a war zone in the middle of a city and we were weaving in and out of the sewers. Alphonse got hit and I dragged him to a doctor. The doctor said he was dead but I didn’t want to believe him so I dragged him from doctor to doctor, but every one of them said the same thing. When I was in a part of a pipe, in a corner, envy popped up out of no where and told me he could save Alphonse under one condition. I told him I’d do anything and he told me every one thought he was dead cause he wasn’t breathing when he really was, he just didn’t look like it cause he had broken ribs.(?) so he said he would heal him. And then I woke up…

school, world peace, and an assembly?!?

so I don't remember much but i do remember that we were outcasts and hiding out in a school. i vaguely remember an animal making a mess of things and us trying to fight them. there was love between two people, and i think one was me... dun know, anyway we were fighting against some bad guys for world peace...? then the scene shifted and this is what i remember the best. there was an assembly called together in school about me getting in to a really prestigious art show (which really did happen) and when all the praising was done everyone was evacuating and some kids were throwing walnuts at some girl feet and trying to hurt them so i flicked a piece of wood at there foreheads and my friend unknownrumors told them the whole "you'll die in seven days" crap and they believed her. then i woke up.

edward as zelda and roy the fairy?!?!

yeah so this is a short one. first I vaguely remember going through some kind game like land, kind of like Zelda! lol. and who we reach this island and i find a traveling companion and its alphonse. oh yeah, and I’m Edward. we start to load up my boat and realize we have to much. while alphonse throws out stuff from the boat i dive in to grab said stuff. i tell him that i have another boat a few islands away and so he takes my boat to go get it. I’m stuck on the nameless island and wait for alphonse to come back and i notice a house. i go inside and find Roy who here is a fairy.......*laughs so hard kidney explodes* okay I’m back. anyway Roy has had his family massacred by his sister ( 0.O ) who was being controlled and in the process of escaping had his wings cut off. and in the middle of that sad story i woke up.

me and envy

Okay, so I’m in a car with Doctor Marco and we were driving to through a zoo. We come to this huge pipe and I shout for greed to get envy for me. Envy comes out and says yo and jumps in the car with me. We go to this completely white house that is so huge not even half of it has been explored (huge house 0.0) we go in and its owned by marry, a good friend, and she was having a business party. We explore and go upstairs on a firefighter pole. After we are upstairs we go in a room and I have the vague memory of us in bed. Playing. (o.O) we get up and I get some clothes on and I have this urgent feeling like we have to find gaara. We come up to this room that looks like a zelda dungeon and get through it. When we get to the other side we enter a room to find gaara and after wee look everywhere I open the freezer and gaara is inside (nuuuu!) I get sick and cry while envy comforts me and when I’m done with that adventure we exit the same room we came and end up in a pure white apartment. We climbed the stairs all the way to the top and find a zelda stone tablet. It read "salute to the sun and moon." so we exit the apartment and end up on a ship in a ball room with a throne. We sneak behind it and find at the top a sun and moon but once we look past it the wall had a sun and moon on it. We were confused as hell so we exited onto the outer deck of the ship. A fierce storm was coming and enemies were coming close to attack when the storm hit. I was about to be blown away when envy grabbed me and held me close. The storm blew over and the enemy ships didn’t attack, which was really bazaar.(=.=) another storm hit and envy held me close this time. When it ended I woke up with a weird feeling that we had been heading to Spain.