Haraguroi Mari (Finished)

The girl, with long brown hair and green eyes, stared up at the dark forest, that is known as Haraguroi Mari. She had to go through it to get away from them. The men and dogs she could now hear behind her. Looking back at where the noise of them was coming her mind started working on what her options were. She could let herself get captured and be tortured to death or she could take her chances in the dark forest that was in front of her. Taking a deep breath to gain her courage she turned back at the forest and ran in. She wasn’t going to allow them to capture her and take her freedom away.

The forest was thick with vines and low branches from the trees. It was very dark even though it was bright and about noon outside. She crept through the forest as fast as she could but was caught on the thorns of the underbrush and vines. She could still hear the men and dogs behind her but after awhile of going through the forest she started to hear other noises. Not normal voices of bird chirping and the rustling of leaves under foot. No, these noises sounded horrific, like the scream of a dying animal and the snapping of branches that were close by. She tried hard to go faster but that just made her slower because she kept getting snatched on things. The noises got louder and louder and that just got her more tangled up because she was trying so hard to get away. ]Eventually she fell over a fallen tree that was covered in leaves. Looking up she spotted what was making all the noise.

It was a big animal. Yet it didn’t look like any animal she knew. It was big, muscular and was on all fours. Its eyes, as dark as a deep pit, seemed to look right threw her, yet she knew that were staring right at her. Its mouth was filled with sharp teeth and it was dripping saliva. The hair was coarse and was patched together in places from what looked like mud and blood. It stood up on it’s hind legs and made that screaming noise yet again. The girl only stared at it in shock and fear. She could not move at all and was shivering. Once it landed on all fours again , it started getting closer . The girl could feel and smell its wretched breath now and she cringed away from it.

It stopped for just a second then pounced on her. She tried to get up and run but the monster was already on her. It started to try to bite at her throat . She started pushing against its neck to keep it away but it was so strong. Somehow she got from underneath the monster and was now trying to get away. Of course this didn’t work and she just kept getting snagged and was tripping over everything. The monster bounded after her . She tripped over something and twisted her ankle, falling. As she hit the ground the monster went over her head growling . Turning around to face her, the monster started at her again. This time it didn’t go for her throat , it went for anything it could. Tackling her the monster missed, as the girl rolled to get out of the way. The monsters front claws caught her arm and ripped at the flesh and fabric that was there. Getting up she started limp running as fast as she could away from the monster. Turning around she started to back up away from it as it got closer. Now it just seemed to be playing with her. The girl had her hand out in back of her to feel anything and soon it brushed against a wall. She was trapped. She started to press herself against the wall when something sharp poked her back. Turning she saw that there was a sharp branch sticking out of the wall. Crouching under the branch., she waited for her death. But as the monster got closer the sharp branch seemed to get longer and went threw the monsters throat. The monster screamed ,quivered and went slump.

She limped away from the corpse holding her left arm. She couldn’t believe she killed such a beast ,yet alone, was still alive. She needed to get out of this forest, there could be more of this monster if not bigger and stronger ones. She hurried through the forest not minding the thorns anymore. She didn’t know how long she was walking. To her time seemed to not be present with the pain from her body. She was out of breath and shaking still . She decides to sit down at the rock ahead of her and rest. As she sat down she looked around worriedly, hoping that no other monsters were around to attack. Her ears seemed to strain to hear and she jumped at every little noise. She knew she had to get out of this forest as fast as possible. She looked at the way she was going and spotted a light. What that light was she didn’t know but it seemed to give her hope. Starting to get up she stopped and strained her ears as she heard a branch snap. Turning her head to where it came from she shook even more as she waited for whatever it was to come out. She sighed in relief as it was only a small animal, what kind she didn’t know. But she didn’t care because it didn’t seem to be after her. Glaring at it she shooed it away . Getting up she started limping to the light. She noticed that the closer to the light she went the less vines , thorns, and trees there was.

Finally outside the forest she sat down as far outside the forest as her body would allow. She shook at what she encountered. She risked her life even more by going into the forest. She laid back and sighed. She was away from the men and out of the forest. She could live her life again. Getting up she looked around and noticed a small town a little off away from the forest. Holding her left arm still, she limped off towards the village. Hoping to start a new life.


Finished short story for art/ English. Have to draw it out now but that's not that bad I guess. Anyway Enjoy.