so does anyone have any ideas for a story i could write? my mind has blanked out and i need suggestions? so if you have on then feel free to tell me. thanks!


so im in 1st period at school and have a headache and severly missing my bf(MichaelsMusic) really wishing he would wake up and log on. anyways i drew two really cute dinosawrs and going to get them on here eventually. I really like themand hope everyone else will too. i never really get any comments tho so im not sure why exactly i post stuff cuz i dont ever really talk about anime. apparently on you cant read any of the dang mangas on there. its not fair..oh well. byeez


no gifts yet....why???

how i feel for you darling

Darling i know its been a while

i have not seen your face

i ahve not felt your touch

and honestly love...

i do not care

the memory of you love

it still hauntsd my mind and dreams

all those things you said to me

did you ever mean any of them

even though i still remember

darling i will never miss you

to see you with he

it sends anger through me

to see you happy with her

love, it makes me want to see your heart explode

darling i loved you once

i never wanted to be away from you

now love, i never want to see you again

darling, from the bottom of my heart i tell you this...

i hate you

my dear darling

darling, for so long i have wanted to hold you

for so long have wanted to feel your kiss

i long to hear your voice

to hear you sing,

it puts me into another world

your deep brown eyes could soften my heart

wathcing you play guitar amazed me

to feel you holding me, made me feel so safe

darling you meant the world to me

i would try my absolute best to make you happy as possible

love, i stuck by you even when i was put down and hated for it

and all that my dear darling was how i once felt for you

and you repaid me with a broken heart, thats all i was left with

and now i leave this story forever along with you my dear darling i leave and to return never

fare well,

my dear darling