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stolen from trishh

haha da ones dat r in bold r wat i do lolz 10 signs of like if ya like sumone lolz
10 signs:
1.)whenever you see him/her your face turns red
2.)you find your self smiling when you think of him/her (ehe.. sorta..)
3.)you find yourself daydreaming of him/her, even when it's your favorite lesson (OTL)
4.)you talk about him all the time about him/her
5.)you start listening to slow songs (not rele?.. its alternative love songs..)
6.)you try to extremely talk when your near him/her (to embarased to rele talk to the person..)
7.)you always turn your head if you hear his or her name(i try not to @[email protected])
8.)you tell peaople off for saying horrible things about him/her
9.)you seldom dream about him/her (in a romantic kind of way)
10.) you feel jelous when you see him/her talking to another girl (D:, i act lyk i dun care tho...)

ah crap..

sry people for not goin on theO daily lyk i used to Dx. there been lots of things goin on for me OTL.
ill try to b on more Dx...
n sry for the people who i havent sed happy b day to ;_;...


ahahahahahahaha, xD. im back from my home coming dance. omg.. it was sooooo fun XDDD.
i feel sry for the poeple who didnt go.. they missed out BIG TIME. for one thing, the parents didnt care wot u did, so tonssss of people were freakin *coughsodidilol*, n then theres was lotssss of candy, cuz the theme was "candy land" N THE BEST PART... THERE WAS A CHOCOATE FOUNTAIN XDDDD. they had strawberries n marshmellos wit it xD. warms chocolate and strawberries... hmmmmmmm. i have sum picks, but i took them wit a disposible camera... so i needa lyk... scan them...


todai, is my cuz's b dai.
he died wen i was in 5th grade.
r.i.p., happy b day.

wtf.. another promotion!?

wtf... i didnt xpect this for another year or sumtin.. now im an senior otaku+............
how did that happen @[email protected]
if i wasnt so pissed right now.. ide b happy.. but noooo.. im rele mad.. n im goin to cry (in anger) myself to sleep now.. gud nite =__=