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everyday in december, startin on the first day (todai) im gonna do 200+ push ups, n 300+ sit ups...
every day ill add 4 more push ups, n 10 more crunches..
so, todai, ill do 200, 300. then tomarow 204, n 310.

uggg.. this is gonna b a hard month.. i just did 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, n then to make up for 50 sit ups, i held a plank for 3 minutes straight... ugg.. im only half way, n i feel releee tired.. Dx...


wootz! i learned how to straighten my hair :3 its awsummmm, it looks so much better @[email protected] xpecially the back since usualy its all rele curly..

i finnaly have it to my eyes XD

new moon OTL

ew... yesterday.. i saw new moon cuz my friends dragged me along...uggg.. wen we were wachin the 2 friends that sat next to me left n right were holdin each others hands the entire time.. so lyk.. theres arms n hands were infront of me.. n everytime i tried to raise my hand or sumtin (so i can rest my head on my hand n fall asleep..) they wud make it so dat i cudnt move my hands DX... i wached ALLL OF IT... OTL...
there was only one part that made me laugh.. but im not gonna say it... ehe.. its pervertedness on my


pacquiao vs. cotto

xD, pacman winssss~
2 knock downs, n the ref ended it in the middle of the 12th round 030~
lolll, in the early rounds he got hit alot.. that was cuz he wanted to test out cotto's punches OTL..

tho i feel sry for cotto's wife, child, n face... they left after a while.. cuz they didnt want to c more..


ok so.. again.. sry that im not on these days DX... school is killin me.. well.. im here just at school.. n for english im doin a report (which is sepose to b 20-60 pages...) about the history of manga n anime.. so far.. its goin to well.. well.. for one porportion of the report, im sepost to right about an interview i had wit a person thats related to my subject. so.. for me, it wud b about me interviewin an animator.. or mangaka.. WELLLL.. I DONT NO ANY... so plzzzz people of theO, help me out Dx.. if u no any animators of mangaka tell me, n tell me who the person is. if u can get sum way of the person to contact me, ide b veryy happy. but i need to interview the person either in person (which is releee unlykly....) or on the fone. n if worst comes to worst lyk.. the person lives in.. idk.. asia... sumwhere outa the us.. i can just email.

SOO PLZZZ, PEOPLE OF THEO, HELP ME FIND A MANGAKA OR ANIMATOR TO INTERVIEW. if u can get me an intreview, ill draw u anything u want DX, im rele desporate. pm me or just comment here.

again, i need an interview wit a mangaka or animator!my report on that part is due sunday at midnight!
i live in cali btw, lol.