xfishyx's pokemon dictionary

Pokémon: 493 creatures that children steal from their natural habitat and use to fight amongst
each other. (Wut!? Isn’t that criminal in our world?)

Pokémon trainer: A child, who once is 10, travels the country with no adult supervision, talks to strangers, many of them adults, and engages in many violent fights. (Don’t their parents even care!?)

Pokéballs: Balls used to contain pokémon. (So basically they’re cages used to cage pokémon but are smaller than they are. If zoos worked like that they’d be shut down.)

Team Rocket: A criminal organization that steal pokémon from trainers. (So they take pokémon away from their evil trainers who cage them up and fight with them and pretty much abuse them, and they’re the bad guys? I mean, they’re practically green peace!)

Pokémon centre: A hospital for pokémon. (What’s this!? Something to aid the poor defenceless creatures! *Gasp!* Also, they can magically heal pokémon sooo, why don’t they have that kind of medical science in human hospitals?)

Poké: A prefix added to the start of words to make them sound more exciting. (Ooooh, because living in a world where things a called “balls” and “blocks” and “gear” and “watches” and “flutes” etc is soooooo weird! Yeah right.)

Pokémon contest: A contest in which pokémon battle it out in appearance and dancing. (So it’s just like sticking your innocent 7 year old daughter into a beauty pageant, which we all know is plain wrong.)

Pokémon gym: A place run by an adult who battles against children. (So, an adult who is far stronger than any child beats them causing them to have childish tantrums. If adults did that in the park the parents would be calling the police.)

Protein, carbos, iron, calcium, and zinc: Pills that make your pokémon stronger. (A.K.A steroids, which are illegal in sports and cause hormonal problems.)

So in conclusion, I imagine that the pokémon world is a horrible, evil, disgusting, scary, and plain out wrong world to live in.