Hiya! This is my little "blog" world. Well, not really little, but the size doesn't matter.

Name: Fishy-chan

Age: 1,000,000

Location of my house: On the ground

Likes: Anime. But only the good ones. Frogs, food, but only tasty food, when my friends fall in holes, vocaloids, my friends, you, theO, rusty spoons, etc.

Dislikes: When I run out of the stuff

DA account: xlolfishx

Instructions for use: Serve with or without broth as desired

Please vote so I can win!

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My entries for the Marvel villain T-Shirt design contest. If anyone would be kind enough to vote for me I will love you forever. Tom Hiddleston is guest judging the contest so I absolutely must do well. But considering there’s about 1000 entries I don’t think I have much of a chance :/


A very important post!

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This isn't imprtant at all xD

I made a new speed paint if you didn't already see.