Hiya! This is my little "blog" world. Well, not really little, but the size doesn't matter.

Name: Fishy-chan

Age: 1,000,000

Location of my house: On the ground

Likes: Anime. But only the good ones. Frogs, food, but only tasty food, when my friends fall in holes, vocaloids, my friends, you, theO, rusty spoons, etc.

Dislikes: When I run out of the stuff

DA account: xlolfishx

Instructions for use: Serve with or without broth as desired

I haven't posted in AGES!

I used to use this world sooo much but now I use deviantART but mainly Facebook.

For theatre studies we're doing a show Tuesday. I'm really freaking out because we're really not ready. My group has insisted on wasting all our precious rehearsal time and now there's none left and they still don't know their lines. 3 days away from the show. GARRGGHHH!!!! I hate that.

Not much of school left, then exams, then before I know it I'll be in year 12. Scary to think about.

So, who's watching this year's season of Beauty and the Geek Australia? Cause Bendeguz is so cool.

And because everyone likes things I'll put up something.

It's funny because he's dressed up like a Mexican.

Check out mah speed paint :D

I made a speedpaint cause I'm coolio~

So today...

I don't update enough on here, so! Le copy & paste from deviantART journal :D

I was in the car with the family as we were driving. My mother asked me "Who was that boy you were walking with today?" And I was like "What? When?" cause I had no idea what she was talking about. I hadn't been walking with anyone at all today. Then she said "When you were walking out of school you were with a boy." Still confused having no idea what she was talking about I said "I wasn't with anyone?" So my mother said "But I thought you were talking to him?" So I replied "No???" So she said "He said 'See ya' to you." At this point I relize what she's talking about. She thought I was walking and talking to the person who was in front of me XD "No" I said, "He didn't say that to me, Mother." So then she says "It's just he was there last week too." (Purely coincidental) "I thought he was a friend of yours." So I said "Silly Mother, thinking I have friends XD" And then she said "He must be stalking you." So I said "Oh, then it must be Natasha in disguise ! XD"

My mother can be verrrrry silly at times. But she's all good. She bought me some gloves today. We were at the sock shop looking at the gloves and she said "Ooh, look at these ones, they're pirate-y!" She has good taste in gloves. :3


OOh, how excieting!


I haven't posted here in soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long!!!

I'm just too lazy -w-

You know, my English teacher is on long service leave, so I have a new one for the next term or so. And he likes tetris. And Batman. And the nyan poptart cat.

Which I'm currently listening to right now. I was talking to a guy from school today and he said the longest he's nyan-ed for is 4 hours and 23 minutes. I'm gonna beat that, cause that's how sad I am...