Hiya! This is my little "blog" world. Well, not really little, but the size doesn't matter.

Name: Fishy-chan

Age: 1,000,000

Location of my house: On the ground

Likes: Anime. But only the good ones. Frogs, food, but only tasty food, when my friends fall in holes, vocaloids, my friends, you, theO, rusty spoons, etc.

Dislikes: When I run out of the stuff

DA account: xlolfishx

Instructions for use: Serve with or without broth as desired


Does anyone here watch Star Trek: The Next Generation? Cause I want someone to understand how awesome it is that Wil Wheaton is following a tumblr my friend and I made!!!


I changed my username to match up with my devaitnART one, I hope none of you mind or get confused. I thought it would makes sense because I've been writing xlolfishx on my art by itself for a while now and then to submit it as xfishyx just seemed odd.


I have a Tumblr by the way everyone. Check it out if you haven't already ;)

I won :D

Remember this External Image ? Well it won the contest ^ u ^ So I've won $300 of video game goods :D Pretty awesome, eh? I don't know what I'll get though... It could be something I already own, or can't play cause of consoles or something so I might end up selling some ;)

I had my school awards night and it was really boring. Damn I hate being really smart and a talented flute player >:I God. It was so boring. I cannot describe how boring it was.


Don't know if any of you have watched it so I thought I'd remind you of this AMAZING speedpaint I recently did ;)