Hiya! This is my little "blog" world. Well, not really little, but the size doesn't matter.

Name: Fishy-chan

Age: 1,000,000

Location of my house: On the ground

Likes: Anime. But only the good ones. Frogs, food, but only tasty food, when my friends fall in holes, vocaloids, my friends, you, theO, rusty spoons, etc.

Dislikes: When I run out of the stuff

DA account: xlolfishx

Instructions for use: Serve with or without broth as desired

Lookie here!

I made a new meme!

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Worst possible scenario

I'm doing my maths homework at the moment and I have iTunes up on shuffle. I read a question on the question sheet and go to answer it when Konata's theme comes on. Ehhhhhh. It makes me feel like Konata when she doesn't want to do her homework.



If you have a dA and are interested. If you want I can make a 100x100 avatar for theO.


My Hinata wig arrived in the post today! It's so perfet~! It's the right colour, the right shape, the right size, it's all good :)

On another note, you know that picture of Vocaloid Edward I drew? Well on deviantArt It was featured in some group and today when I logged on it han many favourites. As I was going through each deviant to give them a llama I noticed a common trait. About 90% of them were Vic Mignogna fangirls...I found it kinda sad...

Am I awesome?

Please answer honestly~!

Oh, and please answer!