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Top 3 Favorite Manga: Noragami, Tokyo Ghoul, Akatsuki no Yona

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It Finally Begins

I think it's been weeks, maybe even months since I said I was going to write a story. If you even remember me saying that then by now you probably think I'm just all talk.
Well I'm here to assure you that I'm not.
I have honestly been trying to come up with a story, but when I use the characters I already have it just doesn't work. Maybe I should of thought of the story before the characters, but by now I've grown very attached to Lainey, Dez, and Nissa. I've kinda come up with their backgrounds but not what happens when they actually meet.
And when I did start writing I found that my skills were lacking and it just didn't sound right.

So, I've decided to write something that I thought of recently, something that just came to me. The characters I've introduced won't be in it and it's a short story. I think I can divide it into 2 or 3 posts.
But right now my dad is using the one computer in our house that everyone can use, why doesn't he just use his >: ( so I'll have to post it tomorrow. Typing all of that on a mobile device would be such a hassle, especially since my kindle is so broken down.

Also, once I start posting the story All feedback, good and bad, is welcome. For some reason whenever I ask for feedback or a response No One Says Anything. Only 1 person ever told me what they thought about some ideas I posted but I'm sure they weren't the only one reading my posts.
Please guys, if you're afraid to say something because you thought my story sucked, then don't be. I'd like to hear why you didn't like it or did like it so I can improve.

~sigh~ If I get zero feedback again on the story I post then I'm going to assume that either no one cares or it just really sucked.
I'm not asking you to comment on every post or every story or to comment before I post the entire story if you don't want to. I understand people might not have time for that or they don't feel like it or whatever. Just something would be nice. :' )

I guess you can think of this as a sneak peek. I'm thinking of drawing something to go along with each story post. This is the first one. It's one of the main characters, Kang-Woo. :

Why Did I Do That To Myself?

I seem to be hearing a lot about creepypastas lately, so I decided to listen to one about Chuck E. Cheese's while I draw, instead of listening to music like I usually do.

Aaah, I shouldn't have....

I knew I'd be scared senseless afterwards, but it seems like everyone else can handle these things so I can too, right?


I might not be able to stay up very late tonight, because I'll be too busy cowering in fear under my bedsheets...... in the heat.

Chuck E. escaped. He'll eat you in the middle of the night.

I think I'll go back to listening to music. Fall Out Boy, G-Dragon, Amazarashi, comfort me...

The Day Has Come (AP Score)

I have been waiting for this for days. Last night I even had a dream that I got a 3 on my AP EXAM, and for some reason the characters in a K-Drama I was watching late last night were there too and they somehow got higher scores than me.

Without further adieu.....
I got.....
A 5!!!!!! (that's the highest!)

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Wassup + 2 Weeks Ago....

Hello hello, hope everyone's doing good; I am. Just so you know, I won't be doing SeLf CoNtrOl posts for a while since my life isn't so exciting that I can keep up 2 posts a week.

Interesting Storyor at least I find it interesting: A couple weeks ago there were the Mnet awards. It's a k-Pop thing where the fans decide which group/artist wins a trophy for their new song. Recently EXO and BigBang, probably the two biggest names in k-Pop (Psy doesn't count, that guy was a one hit wonder), both had their comebacks. Exo released the song Love Me Right, BigBang released the song Bang Bang Bang and they were both in the competition. Like I said, they're 2 of the most popular groups so every other group/artist that entered the competition were basically crushed like fleas; irrelevant.
Now the interesting part is that their fans are hardcore. I don't know if anyone has seen a fan war before but that's what was going on from the moment they released those songs. EXO-Ls (EXO fandom) vs VIPs (BigBang fandom).
Views on the music videos also count towards who wins, so a lot of their fans would just sit, refreshing the videos again and again for HOURS, staying up late, doing nothing else, losing sleep, for HOURS. I went to the comments section of both videos and it was like they were having their own little pep rallies.
"5 million views in 1 day, we can do this, keep refreshing EXO-Ls"
"Why are the views going up so slowly? It's been 48 hours, 8.6 million views. VIPs, fighting!"
They were keeping track and everything. Some people even burned posters of the opposing group and you can bet they were trash talking each other on social media day and night. The leader of EXO received a death threat and someone from Finland threatened to bomb BigBang's next concert in Finland if they won. I know that's probably just people on the internet threatening to do things they'll never even do, but isn't that too much? What if BigBang decides to stay on the safe side and not have anymore concerts in Finland and that 1 person just ruined it for every VIP in that country.
I personally like both groups, but wanted BigBang to win and they did. But I wasn't about to refresh the video more than a couple times which I did because I enjoyed the song that much, not because I was trying to add more views.
The morals of the story are:
1. Two of the most popular k-Pop groups probably shouldn't have their comebacks at the same time unless they want all hell to break loose.
2. Do not mess with EXO-Ls or VIPs because they will come after you, or at least threaten to

BigBang on top, EXO on bottom:
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Almost There

It's the last leg of the race, guys, if you know what I mean. Finals next week and then I am DONE.

I think I'm looking forward to this summer more than usual. I'll have way more time to make art, etc. I really don't know how some of you do it. Submitting art every day, while doing a ton of other work. Guess I'm just slow at drawing. Plus my mom insists I get ready for bed at 8:00 on school nights. (T-T) SO LAME
But I think I started a lot of art related stuff without meaning to, because not only do I want to work on digital art, I also want to improve on traditional art and get back into realism. It's more than it sounds when there's still so much to learn. But I enjoy all of these so I don't think of it as work. I think it'll be fun.

Also one of my many cousins might stay a couple weeks with us. That would be great for me because she's the only person I know (besides you guys) who is as into anime/manga as I am. In fact, we discovered it at the same time and I might not have gotten so into it without her.
Almost There. (*^▽^)/★*☆♪

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