pretty sad rn

Hey guys ;^; it's been a short while

my laptop and Dangan Ronpa game got stolen TToTT along with some of my sibling's other stuff... sigh. The last time I backed up my files was March, so my drawings as of April-present are gone :'c I'm not very worried about the burglar accessing my laptop; he didn't take the charger and it didn't have a battery, and since it was 10+y/o he might have trouble finding a charger for it (or anyway, I'm sure he won't spend money to use my laptop. he probably just sold the inside parts).

I'm just pretty sad about it. Not much about my laptop, but of the stuff he stole from my siblings. They worked hard for their things and it's just so disheartening to know someone just took it to earn themselves some cash. I hate criminals so much... now I can't post drawings for a long while; I'll have to look for a new laptop when my parents come back from the US ;A; so yeah. Seeya guys