My To-Do List ((1/28/13))

Okay! This will be a fairly "Quick-Post"
I don't have any school tomorrow, so if I wake up early I think that I can do all of this no problem!

1. CLEAN MY DANG ROOM (It has gotten so messy! So unlike me. I should be ashamed!)
2. Update ALL OF MY WORLDS (I'm pretty sure you've all missed me, no?)
3. Make a thanks for the views for 2 of my worlds which have both gotten another thousand views!
4. Edit some other pics for another website ~
5. Enter the two challenges I'm following. One of which, I was CHALLENED to! I don't turn down a challenge (even if I lose)
6. Watch some more Hetalia Axis Power ~ and maybe an episode of BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad. (Only if I have some time X3)
7. Go on my tumblr and update and get inspired for my own look ^-^ (2013 is a big year for me)
Update//Play my dating sims X3 (I have a special post about those))

Well this is about all that I can think right now ~ hopefully I can get all of this done before 5pm!! (Mom comes home and crashes the party) so looks like I'm gonna have to get up pretty early in the morning!! See you all there ~ <3 cross your fingers that I get through this list ^-^