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Anime 101

Howdy Howdy, everyone!
It has been a long time since I've posted anything in this world!
Please don't hurt me DX

Anyways, today I bring you one of the best AMV's in the entire world of everything!!
How well do you really know anime? Watch this video to not only test your skills, but to also learn a little bit ~

I hope that you have enjoyed this ~
See you next time!

CrimzonN3k0 z


Vanellope's Verp I LOVE Wreck-it Ralph and how could you not love Vanellope ~ This girl gets 60 thumbs up ~ She can totally pull of being Vanellope ...

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Eeeh...Random X3

How was your Thanksgiving???

So the holiday that has just recently passed was Thanksgiving ~
Did you all enjoy all of that yummy food??
Well...to those who celebrate it. I actually found out that there are a lot of people I know who don't celebrate it....(Mostly because I know a lot of people from Canada...XD People in Canada don't celebrate Thanksgiving)

The holiday of coming together at a relative's house (Or everyone comes to your house)
The chance where you meet a bunch of cousins that you haven't seen since the age of 5 (They're complete strangers >.> Who always wanna hug)

Well ~ I am here to tell you that there are ways that you can ruin Thanksgiving. So if any of these happened on your holiday, or just to make sure that YOU (yes YOU) don't ruin a Thanksgiving in the upcoming future

Things That Ruin Thanksgiving



If you are not aware, Slender is a HORROR game, so if you are easily frightened, or have many nightmares, I would not advise you to watch this clip!
You've been warned!

(CrimzonN3k0 z is not responsible for any of the following: Nightmares, night scares, bed wetting, crying, heart rate increase, new found fears, or anything else that I cannot think of because YOU SHOULD HAVE READ THE WARNING ABOVE THE VIDEO!!)