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But That's Not Awkward (Awkward Things Guys Say)

Guys can say some pretty weird and awkward things sometimes! It's not all guys though, don;t get me wrong, some of them are pretty nice and say...nonawkward things. But this video pretty much sums up a few random things that some guys have sad to me in the past...and yesterday...amd at work XD

Snot For You!

What's up? How are all my lovers of everything and anything random? I am sorry for not posting in this world for the longest of time.... But yeah...I will be posting in this world again whether it's a video, a random thought I h...

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Vanellope's Verp I LOVE Wreck-it Ralph and how could you not love Vanellope ~ This girl gets 60 thumbs up ~ She can totally pull of being Vanellope ...

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Toyota Commercial+Miku X3

I was randomly on YouTube today and I saw this...how come I've never seen any of these commercials here??? I would totally buy a Toyota X33


So...does anybody want a glass of malk??