CrimzonN3k0 z is not responsible for any deaths once you have entered the world of Randomosity....
Thanks you~

Ouch! Brotherly-ness

I SOOOO wish I could do this to my little brother!

Ouch >.< how does Kotaro handles all of thos blows? Im mean Seriously

NONE Piece

One Piece Parody ~ Super Epic


OURAN BLOOPERS seasons 1 & 2

Aaah the voice actors of Ouran HighSchool Host Club are funny XD

TAJIMA STRIPS..and re-dresses

RANDOMOSITY~a website?

*clears my throat standing ontop of a soapbox* Well i have been checking my world views and this world has over 1,000 views (^o^)/ and i only have YOU the viewers of this world to thank for that VERY MUCH ~ so much *whipes away my tears* alright so i have come to this decision...I might make an entire website tributed to this world. BUUUUT~before i do what do you all think? Please tell me i dont wanna make a website if its a bad idea, i know its silly but TELL ME