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Alrighty everyone ~ I have thought LONG AND HARD (pfft) about my choice and....*stands on a soap box* *ahem* I....CrimzonN3k0 z .....has made the choice....to ...Have a Baby XD PSYCH!!! lolz in all seriousness ~ I have decided to make a WEBSITE! But not just based on "Randomosity" alone ~ I will also have my other worlds and such put on the website too ~ it gives the website a variety of things to look at~ Well right now it is still in planning but when its up and running i will post the websites name and such and you all can check it out =^.^= hopefuly i wont fail =>.>= but i know i can do it ~ CHEER ME ON GUYS!~

CartoonNetwork/Toonami/Adult swim RANT

Alright okay, its been a while since Ive like ranted on anything, I mean really. Alright ~ Anime of CartoonNetwork....why is it that al we get on there is the "Pokemon" (which I think is just sad now)"Beyblade" (its okay but doesnt really beat th...

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Len Kagamine's Embarassing Moment

Excel wants to be serious

Excel from "Excel Saga" would like to show her fans a more serious side of herself