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Thanks you~

TOP 10 most scariest moments in.....


Yes, yes, how many of you all remember this show??
There were some creepy moments in here X3 and this was a children's show lolx
But anyways, if you've ever had Cartoonnetwork then you should be familiar with some of these moments.
A few I admit...I was not scared...but 1 moment in particular gave me nightmares when I was younger X3 (can you guess what moment it is??)
I also think there are a few moments that arent in here that should be here (What do you all think?)



If you are not aware, Slender is a HORROR game, so if you are easily frightened, or have many nightmares, I would not advise you to watch this clip!
You've been warned!

(CrimzonN3k0 z is not responsible for any of the following: Nightmares, night scares, bed wetting, crying, heart rate increase, new found fears, or anything else that I cannot think of because YOU SHOULD HAVE READ THE WARNING ABOVE THE VIDEO!!)

Bumble-bee Extreme Step Team (BEST Crew)

Seeing as this has something to do with both dancing AND comedy/randomness, I will be posting this same thing in my other world "RANDOMOSITY"

Who won in your eyes?? BEST crew??? Or the Poreotics??

Wanna join BEST crew?? Well then try out for it. I think they need a few more members XD

DBZ abridged XD

For those of you who dont know, an abridge series is when people take an already made series and "Shortens" it and even throw their won words into it to slightly make it their owns and make it more funny.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

If you liked the first 3 episodes, or if you want to see the entire season (Cuz they actually abridged the whole season) here is the link to the YouTube channel for the guys who do this

Team Four Star (TFS)


Okay, so Im sure that almost everyone has see/heared of this epic song and video craze that has been out for a while now called "GANGNAM STYLE"

This video is one of the most funniest/random I have seen ever XD
I believe that it is in Korean? If I am wrong feel free to correct. But yeah Im just going to let you all watch in below hahaha


Song: Gangnam Style
Artist: PSY