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This is just an random video that I saw and loved it so here........

It's RAMEN Time!

Hey everyone guess what I just ate (Drum roll plz)........ "Maruchan 3 minute ramen.

*sigh* yes it's true I LOVE ramen, my favorite flavor is chicken, it's so good. You can eat ramen in many different ways, some people put hotsauce in it, some people put cheese in it. But my uncle crushes hot cheetos, spinkle them in the ramen, then gets a slice of cheese, let's it melt and then poors it on the ramen. Yep all of that together, it's not that bad actually. But yeah I like other flavors too, like, beef, shrimp, teriyaki, and those are the only ones that I can find so I haven't had any other flavors.......... Well anyway if you have any suggestions for ramen flavors or stuff to put into ramen let me know okay
This has been Ramen time with CrimzonN3k0 z

Happy Holidays

Hey everyone it's that time of year again, time for everyone to pull out their walltes and try to buy an even better present then the other person is giving you so that they'll feel bad and get you an even awesomer birthday present! I'm just kidding ^^ this is the time of year when it's all about being with your friends and family and be witheach other because that's fun to do ya know. Giving gifts to the people who are special to you, drnking egg nogg and eating a nice cooked meal. Yeah and being outside of school away from anoying teachers and stuff. But mostly spreading the happiness of the holidays. So from CrimzonN3k0 z to everyone else HAPPY HOLIDAYS

*Shing* twinkle twinkle*(Shiny Teeth)

Okay some of you people must know who StarlightPrincess is right? Anyways you see one day I was looking at her teeth and I saw that they weren't as shiny as mines ya know. I always get complements on how shiny and white my teeth are and StarlightPrincess was being a hater and everything and tried to say that my teeth weren't even white. I mean just cause hers wanna be all un-shiny and everything doesn't mean that mines gotta be all dull and boring like hers (huh she is such a hater c'mon now it's just teeth so calm down already)
Well anyway I dedicate the video below to me shiny teeth and to Grimmjow

Being Happy

Hey everyone how are you all? Well as you've already guessed I don't care. Butcha do know what I care about......being happy and for some strange reason I am always happy (gotta problem with my happiness?) Well if ya do screw you, but I'd just thought I'd let you all know how I'm feeling right now