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20 Weird Anime Faces

Hey guys ~ what's up?
It's been ages since I've posted in here and I apologize for that...I've just been really lazy XD

Anyways to bring this world back to life I thought that I would start with a random video that I made myself :3
I have a YouTube channel where I post random videos and stuff every once in a while.

In this video I am just trying to make the weird faces that anime characters make XD

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy this video.
See you in the next post!

CrimzonN3k0 z

Anime's Got Talent!

Post number TWO for today ~
My, my, I am on a roll ~

I've been watching a bunch of AMVs and I wanna share this one with you.
It's like a parody of America's Got Talent
I really like this one beccause it's like all of the anime character's are showing off their special talents lol

I'm not going to spoil anything for you...but...that ending though...

I hope that you liked this one as well. I wish I had the skill...and patience to do such amazing things ~

CrizmonN3k0 z

Anime 101

Howdy Howdy, everyone!
It has been a long time since I've posted anything in this world!
Please don't hurt me DX

Anyways, today I bring you one of the best AMV's in the entire world of everything!!
How well do you really know anime? Watch this video to not only test your skills, but to also learn a little bit ~

I hope that you have enjoyed this ~
See you next time!

CrimzonN3k0 z

But That's Not Awkward (Awkward Things Guys Say)

Guys can say some pretty weird and awkward things sometimes! It's not all guys though, don;t get me wrong, some of them are pretty nice and say...nonawkward things. But this video pretty much sums up a few random things that some guys have sad to me in the past...and yesterday...amd at work XD

Snot For You!

What's up? How are all my lovers of everything and anything random? I am sorry for not posting in this world for the longest of time.... But yeah...I will be posting in this world again whether it's a video, a random thought I h...

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