Meeting at the park

Torri ran down the street to the meeting spot. I hope I'm not late! She thought. She had slept in and completely forgotten about the meeting. She soon saw a few figures ahead of her.

"Hello!" She called before arriving to a quick stop. Panting she looked up. "You must be Lulu!" She said after catching her breath. "And you're destiny right?" She said. Suddenly a buzzing noise came from her pocket. "One second!" She said. She whipped out her cell phone with the rabbit charm dangling from it. She opened it up and started talking.

"Hello?" after a moments pause she continued. "I'm at the park remember! I'm having the meet-" She suddenly broke off and everyone could clearly hear the voice of an older women yelling at her. "Mom,I told you I would be going! You don't have to be so mean!" She replied angrily. She then flipped closed her phone and put it back in her pocket.