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Sometimes that's all you have when you have nothing else. If you have it, you have everything" ~~ One of my favorite quotes.

In this world, I'll be posting quotes and how I feel about each one of them. Then you can comment about them!

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I sure have to keep update with my worlds! I'm such a procrastinator. *Sigh*

But anyway, here's a quote!

I feel like this picture has just summed up all the life quotes that I've ever read. This just portrayed life in a different scene. It shows you that you're in control of it. It makes me feel powerful. ^^




Since I haven't posted a quote in a while, I shall post one right now! ^^

"A smile is something you can't give away, it always comes back to you."

It's true! Usually, whenever I smile at someone, they smile back. And I can't not smile. It's way too contagious for me. lol

Let's spread the happiness everyone! :D


Long Time No Quote!


In my blog, I think I said that I have to start posting here again. So I shall!

"Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn't stop to enjoy it." William Feather

I have been one of those people a few times. Now I understand what I'm missing, I'll now cherish each happy moment to it's fullest. :)
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Expressions and Hope


Now, since this is a post in Quote Crescent, you're expecting another quote right? WRONG! This is going to be a song post! But I have my reasons in posting this; not "BECAUSE I WANT TO THIS IS MY WORLD AND I CAN POST WHATEVA I WANT U MAD BRO?!" xD No, because the song I'm going to talk about is People Like Us by Kelly Clarkson.

Lyric video:

This is an amazing song. At the end of the song, you can tell that its delivering a powerful message. In a way, this song has a bunch of true, thought out quotes all put together. To me anyway. This has topped my list of favorite songs. :) It showed me that if you're going through a bad period of time, it'll go away soon. Your future path will be difficult, but you're not the only one dealing with the same problems.

Original video:

Do you get what I mean? I hope you do, I don't want to sound crazy.
What do you think of this song? Let me know in the comments!




Holy cheeseburgers and chicken wings, it has been so fudgin long since I last posted!!! OMG!!! Over a month!! I'm sorry, forgive me. Pweese? *Puppy face* lol

What has been up in your world? Not theO worlds, I mean your life!! Ugh, I make the worst jokes in the history of the world. I need to shut up. NOW.

Anyway, since this is a post in Quote Crescent, I have another quote for ya'll!:

"Things end. But memories last forever. ♥"

My thoughts: This is so true! Everything comes to an end someday. But memories always sprout from it. It's like taking pictures. :)

Tell me what you think in the comments!

P.S: I FINALLY put an intro in Blogging Blowup and should be starting to blog soon. I'm sorry I sound like I'm high on something or I sound like I've been smelling too many Sharpies. I just feel great to post again. Love you all so much. <3