What Kamen Rider Are You?

Hey All!
Thought I would post some quiz results and what not. This should be fun!
Here's a link to the first quiz I shall be taking... by user: turnaboutking


Keep in mind, I don't know what the heck a kamen rider is... I think that makes it easier to take quizzes- when you can't guess who says what or predict your result.

1. If you've taken quizzes before, you probably know what the first question is when I say it is "typical."

(I'm always tied between green and gold, but I'll go with green.)

2. Favorite animal is easily a dragon. ^_^ If unicorns were listed, it would be a difficult battle.

3. Why am I fighting? Didn't know I was... but prizes are good.

4. A fellow rider? Sounds like a friend, so why would I want to hurt them??? Then again, why am I imagining a fellow tribute in the hunger games right nowwww? It's time to play!

5. And it looks like these games are deadly. All these nuisances trying to kill me. Sheesh.And I just wanted to have fun!

6. Mirror Monster sounds promising...like something that can steal a friend's face? It is unforgiveable!

7. Student...or journalist? I'd better go with journalist, just because student is very generic.

8. So being a rider is not public knowledge? Who cares? No, really...what's the big deal with these rider people?

9. Yes...what was the point of fighting to the death 0_o?

10. Good quiz, and just as confusing as I'd hoped.


Now for the result!!!

Heeeeeey.... this doesn't look like an anime! XD what was I expecting? Okay, so I am.... Kamen Rider Ryuki.
External Image

Maybe one day I will know what all of this means.....