another year, another post

whoops I seem to have a penchant for updating this world around this time of the year lmao

so, my new once-a-year-thing... hmm where to begin?

well first off, it's 10:35PM in london (where I've just moved to, about two weeks ago). I'm elbow....? knee-deep in my work for my new undergrad degree, and since I'm a fresher i've yet to actually get sucked in properly yet. it's happening though :)

emotionally, I've met so many new and varied people in the past two weeks- it is legitimately staggering; I think my brain's definitely a little bit, if not VERY fried right now. I haven't had anyone snow plow their way into my life the way that happened about two posts ago, but what the hey, I reckon I'm already in a fabulous place, without it.

plus time will definitely tell if the people I have my eye on are meant to be or not (WINKWONKWINK)

I'm still stressed but tbh I have accepted that will be an eternal part of my life, with me choosing a BA in design for my career path (please hope I get a job upon graduation please u_u)

I'm still talking to people from theO, but they are few and far.... also, I've joined the anime society in my uni so theO still lives on eheh~ overall, I have to say right now, I'm not too stressed, and I'm quite happy! it is rather hard finding my feet in a new place, but its early days still, so I'm just going to let the good times roll~

I'm reading through all these earlier posts, and they make me smile. i'm not that kid, but at the same time I am! I do wish I could go through these times again.... but I also don't want to. i love hormones, really ha.

overall, i'm doing good, miss the days where I used to logon theO; but I also know that's part of life and I wasn't always meant to be on here. :) hopefully the choices I've made are the right one in terms of my career and making my own way in the world!

all the best, everyone
(also please check out the umbrella revolution happening in my hometown- it is an important issue close to my heart!)

~rr off