life and thoughts on being an otaku.

It's the most funny and worst time to be typing this almost reflective blog post.... 12:25AM.
pardon any weird things that spew forth from my mind as you read this post (and any spelling errors too sorreh)

so recently I've been pretty much MIA in the otaku world. I'm still a creative person, but my creative energy is far more focused; less on anime and japanese culture and much much more on more.... personal things; not to say that anime isn't something so personal to me. an example would be perception of differing texts and their language; I explored this in my school work, and...

it was hugely satisfying. the most difficult thing I've ever done, but hugely satisfying.
...I must be machostic.

and this has affected my otakuness. yes, I still do read manga, and I don't think I'll ever really stop that.... but it excites me less. much less. I went on minitoyko a few hours ago to try and find scan inspiration to make wallpapers. (I still love graphics and wallpapering is a good way to keep my skills sharp)

I was clicking mindlessly, and art that would've attracted me longer really does.
I don't understand. maybe it has something to do with my life?

ah now my life. as I sit here typing, I'm just grinning away.
life is... whoah! it's gone and exploded.
the miracles of some initiative.

Maybe that's why I haven't had anytime at all, to talk to all of my online friends; my IRL friends, exams and new responsibilities have taken up a lot more of time than before.

also, someone has literally snowplowed into my life and taken residence in it... but I don't mind. :)
so in a nutshell, I've literally have a life that has... well exploded; for lack of a better word. but eh, 1AM.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see. who knows what'll happen haha.

~RR OFF!~~