Change of heart.

Hi again everyone?

Seriously. I have no excuse. I haven't been able to draw for quite a bit, as I've been more busy designing and.. dundun.. coding.

At first just about five minutes ago, I planned to tell you that I would quit TheO, but now..

This isn't the case. It's all due to this PM.

" (This is an automatic message, do not reply.)

Congratulations! You have been promoted to Senior Otaku++ status. You are now one step away from the coveted rank of Otaku Legend.

Your name will soon appear in a promotions news article on our Official World. Thank you for your deep contributions to our community and we hope you bring honor to the reputation of Senior Otaku++ everywhere.

- "Bossman" Adam "

Seeing that PM, even if it was an automated one made my heart leap. It's always been my goal since I was an n00b on here to become an Otaku Legend.

It totally changed my mind. This is the site that I've been on for the longest, and have to most friends on. It holds a lot of memories for me, from my first submissions to promotions.. Contests.. Clubs.. And so much more.

I plan to open a site soon, probably about the end of this month. It's a secret on what it is though. :P I'm not even sure of the name! It's tentative name is crimson.threads

I'm sorry to say that you shouldn't expect much fanarts from me now, since I'll be doing more wallpapers and cards, since I find them more easy, and fun to do.

If you want to find me quickly, do join
I'm more active on there, since I find it less pressuring then TheO or DA.
My username's k~san

A last thing, it's lovely to be back. (For a longer time..I hope.)